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Pine forests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pine forests - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Madrenses of pine-oak in the United States. And Mexico

The pine forests of the pine-oak are mixed mountain forests with predominance of pines and oaks. They are located in the mountainous system of the Sierra Madre especially in Mexico, extending from the Southwest of the United States to Nicaragua in Central America.

Most of the madrenses forests are made up of pines and oaks in a balanced way. In the highest parts and summits of the mountain ranges go pine forests that can reach 25 meters of height, and in the low parts, skirts and lomeríos are the forests of encino that reach about 7 meters.

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There is no single criterion for its classification, since the WWF considers that these forests belong to the biome of the tropical and subtropical forest of conifers because of its geographical latitude, whereas in Mexico it is considered that they are temperate forests since due to its height It is stated that they present a mountain climate from temperate to cold.

They present mountain climate, with average temperatures ranging from 12 to 23ºC, a range comparable to a subtropical to temperate climate, being able to reach low Zero in winter. They are humid or subhumid ecosystems with an annual precipitation between 600 and 1,000 mm and are usually located between 1000 and 3000 meters above sea level and rainfall is abundant.

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The WWF classifies these forests as follows:

Sierra Madre de Oaxaca pine forest

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