Published: Tue, August 22, 2017
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The characteristics of wine tasting, enjoy learning wine tasting | Ecoseed

The characteristics of wine tasting, enjoy learning wine tasting | Ecoseed

When you are present at a wine tasting or wine tours in Barcelona, ​​you will be able to observe how the participants turn the glass cup with the contents inside and you may wonder why.

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Well this has a reason and it is that you can better observe the traces and drops that fall on the wall of the glass, since the wines that have good traces are those that have more concentration of alcohol And glycerin and have a thicker and more mature structure for the palate, which is why the wine will be spinning in these wine tasting sessions.

The Art of Smelling Wine H3>

If you have taken into account how the wine shines and its texture, it is the moment to smell or suck it, but the idea is not to bury the nose to the bottom, but it is just to place the nose in the upper part of the Cup and then inhale it quickly and quickly , it being a matter of letting the aroma be processed by your cereb Ro.

In order to know how to identify odors there are different methods, as well as training your nose, this being a challenge for the sense of smell because there are hundreds of components that can be in a wine glass: flowers

This is very important because enjoying the wine tasting depends on it, so try to identify in each short inhalation the different aromas and enjoy the wine better.

Some defects that can come with wine

It is important to check the bottle and identify the aromas that indicate that the wine is of quality or is damaged, since if the cork smells like a bedroom Wet and the taste is wet newspaper then the wine is not of very good quality.

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If you smell burnt phosphorus then the wine has a lot of SO2 and if you shake it, the Cork will go off, but if the smell is to vinegar then the wine is very volatile.

All wine is made with grapes so you should smell freshly cut or fresh fruit, with the exception that the wine is very sweet or very cold.

Different aromas of different grapes and various fruits and this will tell you a lot about the climatic conditions, how the wine was harvested and the state of the vineyard.

In white wines with cold weather aromas are very common Floral and red wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and when you smell it, you can smell the grass. But perhaps you prefer a wine with delicate, balanced and harmonious aromas because they are much enjoyed by smelling and drinking.

Earthy wines are also very sought after and in general because the fungus gives it that smell, But there are also those who smell leather, rock, mineral, etc. The barrel also plays an important role in the smell of wine and adds certain peculiarities.

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