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I like pizza, maybe not as much as other meals, or like to eat daily, however, I have never tried one that I dislike at all, I remember a friend commented, "pizza is like sex, yet When it's cold, it's still pizza "; Perhaps its charm lies in its extraordinary mixture of flavors so intense and somewhat shocking: sweet, salty, spicy, all scrambled with lots of fat, in theory should not work however, in practice it is widely accepted, especially by teenagers , Although and since these have not yet fully developed their sense of taste and / or have it destroyed by so much hormone, then ...

That reminds me, when I was in school, I went out with a girl, and of course, I invited her to eat pizza, the original plan was to go to the house and see a movie, I had refreshments and snack but not much money so I thought it was a good plan, she lived in the center so I went for it, or at least that Was the plan because halfway I ran out of charge, I called the girl and told her I would send a taxi for her; While looking for where he could recharge the vehicle passed a gas pipe, which stopped, dropped a fat man wearing glasses in white T-shirt and faded jeans, "That car is not good, I tell you!" He commented while helping me to connect the vehicle, which was soon in operation again; I thanked her and continued on her way.

I returned home just before this girl arrived; Was all ready, had the food and the movie "Los pancheros" a criminal bands band. When she arrived she did not seem very interested in this, I had my plans and she had her plans, so much so that she began to undress, worried that my parents would come and meet me with a naked woman in the room, I suggested going out to buy one Pizza; Contrary to any prediction, she accepted and we headed to the car.

As I approached the marquee, I noticed and noticed my companion, because there were two birds fighting, real birds, alive, apparently painted as the pets of the business, questionable decision by the laws of animal protection although Original.

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Next to the doors was an almost forgotten row of public telephones, and to the other a counter selling ice cream and other goodies.

On the way out, we found that there was chaos in the plaza, a fight between the gangs had been unleashed, while in the restaurant they had opted to close the steel curtains of the windows. It was no longer an option to return, so we would have to go by the car, my companion was wearing those heels that are tied to the knee and of course I could not run, or take them away, so I carried her in the arms, down the road I fell Considering he had no bra, he could see her nipples and did not seem to care, I wondered if it would be a virgin as I had assumed; I was terrified to think that my parents would come home and find the garment on the couch.

I went to leave my friend at home, I apologized for the appointment and returned to mine, I checked the news for the note of the assault on the restaurant, I found it although what caught my attention is that some funny had added the nicknames of employees. Among them stood out "Boipussi" a particularly effeminate teenager with long silky hair and unlikely smooth face, who to no one's surprise had many comments. I am also glad that on that occasion "Boipussi" came out unscathed.

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