Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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Delicious and beautiful cakes that you will want to have at your wedding

Delicious and beautiful cakes that you will want to have at your wedding

Gone are the days when we saw white wedding cakes. Recently the wedding cakes are created with some kind of theme that manages to impact all the guests. Some have colors that are really incredible that make them want to keep them forever, others have hand-painted designs and surprisingly even edible pieces of gold.

Afterwards, the taster sniffs the wine without shaking the glass, repeating the operation by printing a strong rotary motion. Scavengers often define odors by floral similarities, wood, green plants, balsamic, fruits, The animals, spices, etc ...

If you are about to get married and want to have a cake of Wedding that your guests can speak for a long time check out these 25 most spectacular wedding cakes.

1. A beautiful cake with a hidden surprise

2. This cute cake shows that it does not need more layers to be delicious

3. This spectacular cake representing a geoda

4. A cake with gradients from pink to cherry <5>. Perfect for an autumn wedding

6. This lilac cake represents the total elegance

7. The watercolor technique on this cake is phenomenal

8. A totally romantic cake

9. Surprisingly minimalist

10. A special cake for travel lovers

11. An elegant cake with black accents 12. This delicious cake has all a romantic inspiration

13. An elegant and unique cake

14. Some details of origami made with sugar

15. An impressive cake representing a swan

16. Nothing better to catch your dreams

17. A perfect sugar embroidery

18. Totally vintage 19. The butterflies and the black bow are the perfect touch of delicacy

20. A sweet and glamorous cake

21. The petals of this cake will fall in love

22. A delicious rainbow of flavors

23. Geometric details made of gold

24. Sometimes the simple is the most beautiful

25. Completely sophisticated

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