Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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How to Spanish

How to Spanish

the flower - flower

the tree - tree

the shrub - bush


flowering - to go moldy

flowering - flowering [literally or as in "flowery language"] [Literally or as in "flowery language"]

grow - to grow, to rise

wilt - to wither, to wilt

To harvested

sow - to sow, to plant seeds

/ P>

the grass, the grass - herb, grass [not as in "lawn" but physically grass]


stem - stem

the branch - branch

root - root

P> the bark - tree bark

the leaf - leaf

the rose - rose


the lily, the lily - lily

the lily - lily, iris

the jacinta - hyacinth

Lion - dandelion [lit. "Lion's tooth"]

the water lily, the water lily, water lily

wisteria - wisteria

tulip - tulip

The ivy, the ivy

the clover - clover

the digital, the foxglove - foxglove

holly - holly

The mistletoe - mistletoe

the narcissus - daffodil, narcissus

the poppy - poppy

the carnation - carnation

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the chrysanthemum - chrysanthemum , Mum

thought - pansy [lit. "Thought", "thinking" but in botany means "pansy"]

el forgetfulness-forget-me-not [lit. do not forget me "do not forget me"]

el sunflower means "to spin, to gyrate" and el The oak tree

P> acorn

pine - pine tree

poplar tree

the apple tree - apple tree

Orange tree - orange tree

the berry - berry

beech tree

the birch - birch tree

The weeping willow - weeping willow

the fir - fir tree

the mangrove - mangrove tree

the walnut - walnut tree

The tree, the coconut tree, the tree, the tree, the tree, the tree, the tree, and the tree. Palm tree coconut - palm tree

cypress tree - cypress tree

yew tree - yew tree

morality - mulberry tree

Cedar tree

the spruce tree - spruce tree

the cedar - cedar tree

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