Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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My mommy is awesome! . And papi too!

My mommy is awesome! . And papi too!

In the world of homeschooling, we have the grace to choose our school year. We can go with the regular stream, give several weeks a free run, extend the summer and Christmas holidays, give 4 days a week classes and a free, or do not follow any kind of schedule and learn all year round. >

In our case, I must say, that I'm a bit with the school calendar. From about August to May. But by saying this, I mean that the formal education of sitting and using books, occurs in those months. In summer and Christmas for example, if we do activities and learn, it is even more relaxed and not daily.

I live in Puerto Rico and being a tropical island in summer < / I>

Fairly hot. Much.

I refuse to sit down and explain the signs of more and less, or practice spelling. We melt. I prefer to spend our mornings playing with water, painting, playing with sensory boxes, shaving cream, making streams to then stick the hose, or simply taken watching TV. (Yes, we watch television)

Puerto Rico stands out for having the longest Christmas in the world: they last from the day after Thanksgiving to octavitas Of the day of the Kings, January 6).

In our house begin later, 9 days before Christmas Day (waiting for the arrival of the Little Child Jesus) After the Three Kings Day. In those days, they do simple activities, Christmas crafts, The Advent wreath, cookies, Shopping and preparations for that special date.

Then, we continue with the festivities until we reach the longed for Kings Day. That day and his birthday is when they mainly receive gifts throughout the year. It sounds cruel, but it does. The purpose of this is to use your imagination. But that I leave for another post.

3. Holidays with family

Our families vacation in summer. Really ALL of my family and my husband's. I am the only one who does homeschooling and although it is not that I have to adapt to their routine, we do it because we like to spend that time with them, since we are many and we enjoy a lot.

4. Pregnancies and newborns

When I started schooling at home, I was pregnant with my third girl. I was about to be born in February, so let me plan for that time.

My rules are: do not give new material one month before giving birth, or two later. Of course it is depending on the flexibility I get the new baby and how we got used to the new routine. I am looking for material or educational books that do not provoke hurricanes, the need for mom to help them super immediately, have to plan well in advance or stay seated with them all the time. So I do not ignore the needs of any (as far as I can)

This varies with pregnancies and the time of giving birth, since for example for that baby, I had Which extend until early May to cover everything that was missing. For the last pregnancy, the baby was born at the end of May, so we had finished by the beginning of that month.

The Church

We often meet once or twice a week, every Saturday, one Sunday a month and about 2 to 3 weekends a year . These days the "school" are a little lighter, because the afternoon I dedicate to finish picking and leaving the house clean for the other day (well, I try), cook, fix the girls and me too.


Thank God, we are in good health, but there are still seasons when allergies and colds flood the house. A few weeks ago, they all got sick with something different. I think it is cruel to send a child to the sick school, just so you do not lose material, or win a prize at the end of the year.

Yes, yes. I know that I must teach them to surpass these things, but

unlike going to traditional school, they do not have The pressure to learn something, in a given time.

Pink Bignonia or Pandora's Bush (Podranea ricasoliana) - YouTube
Native to the eastern part of the Cape (South Africa) and its area extends to Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. It is light in weight and in nature will climb up very high and cascade down the outside of the trees.

Here goes those activities in the afternoon or weekends. I include Ballet, drawing, sport or the classes they take in that semester. So if I want to extend an activity to something at night, I know what days to do.

These are events beyond our control. Natural, family, or day-to-day emergencies.

10. Mental Peace of Mom

Yes, I am included in the list

I am quite hysterical with this to plan, it is my way of being. If I did it all year, I would go crazy.

I once asked in a group of homeschoolers mothers, who made special for the first day of school and one of the answers was : "For us there is no first day of school, because we learn all the year"

I did not take it wrong, but if I was shocked because that was not the answer I was looking for, Because I already knew that.

Our family lives like this, and we love it!

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