Published: Wed, September 27, 2017
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Nata Piñata

Nata Piñata

Last weekend when I got to the weekly family meal, I tried a wine that I loved, it was red and sweet, finally!

I explain: to me the red wine I like, without passing me, a drink in a special meal, in a dinner, but always, always, I always find that I do not know that of grima and it is that dear expert winemakers to me I like wine, but sweet ... whether red, pink, white ... I do not care about the year, the grape, how it matures, at what temperature it does ... it brings me to the hover, I like it too The wine that I do not like for very good wine that is mixed with lemon or soda soda ... yes I know that many will hate me but that's it ... do not invite me to a wine tasting unless you give me a bottle Glass of lemon juice and there you have won ...

Gomez Menor Ortega Juan - AbeBooks
Institute of African Studies, Editions Ares, 46 pages, illustrations, 24x17, covered in rustica, good condition. Item Description: Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, Madrid, 1957.

It seems that when you let go you feel better with the humidity, with yourself, yes, undoubtedly show yourself one as it is going to be beneficial to health! In addition to the panela, eco food, etc.

A glass of wine that you like every day ... or rather a reinforcement of what we are ourselves a day, come on! Do you like coffee with milk with two sachets of sugar? Ask for the 2nd! (You do not know what I appreciate when they put two envelopes directly, I drop the lagrimilla ...) If you like the most salty food ask for salt! If you feel like singing in your car and dancing do it! What's up! I know a little "thug" with the most everyday things, it is a good start for something bigger, for all this the police do not stop you and without realizing you are stopping yourself with a priceless fine, lose yourself and you Essence.

By the way! The wine that clarified what we bought in the "Bodega Davó" Elche and also Rosa Cerdá adorns the label of your wine with a poem, great! Https://

Love always! Nata Piñata ​​b>

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