Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
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There are several options for attracting hummingbirds. Try to combine species that bloom in different months and adapted to the climate of your region. When forming a garden, plant the lower flowers at the front and the taller ones at the back, so that they are all visible. "To start a garden facing the hummingbirds, plant Brown shrimp around the trees and in the bibs; Yellow shrimp in the flower beds; Japanese lantern or Princess Earrings in hanging vases; Asistásias e Teo de Cristo pink Around the coconut palms, Asistásias around Arecas and use Dwarf Grevilea as a hedge, "suggests Christian.

TREPADEIRAS: Pink Teardrop and Red Clerodendro.

FLORIDA TREES : Espatódea, Cowweed, Mulungu, Swain, Dombéia, Jacaranda, Paineira, Ipê and Flamboiã.

Bird - Pablo Buitrago
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Other great options are the family plants that have evolved along with the hummingbirds. The most common in South America are:

ACANTHACEAE: Afelandras, Asistases, Plant-shrimp, Erantemo, Jystícias, Bonnet, Odontonema, Red-jacana, Yellow Shrimp, Pink Rufelia and Sanchesia. BROMELIACEAE: Bromeliads, Pineapple, Red Pineapple, Carnation of Mato and Vriésia

MUSACEAE: Bananeira and Bananeira-de-jardim.


< VERBENACEA: Tear-of-Christ, Clerodendron, Duranta, Gmelina, Chinese Hat, Lantana, Flower-of-St. Miguel.

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