Published: Fri, September 22, 2017
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Ramacafe Fotodiario | W h and n. C o f f e e. S p e a s.

Ramacafe Fotodiario | W h and n. C o f f e e. S p e a s.

Many people have asked me - rightly so - because my blog does not come out in Spanish if I'm walking around Spanish speaking countries, talking about a product that also speaks Spanish. From here I start to maintain a well bilingual blog *. Because when coffee speaks, millions of times speak in Spanish.

The following is a photo diary of my short stay at Hacienda La Virgen during the two weeks I spent in Nicaragua.

La Virgen is one of the two estates that form the Ramacafe company, known worldwide for producing high quality coffee. What does it mean to grow a coffee that carries the heavy label of "quality?" Let's see ...

Quality in the cup is measured through a collection of words determined by the Association of Special Coffees (SCAA) The USA. Yes, this flavor wheel is available in Spanish. Live the bilingual coffee!

First you smell quality, then you know, with three samples of each type of coffee. Qatar means seeking a quality that is consistent; In the coffee world a good thing would only be good if it were recurs.

Producing quality coffee occupies a thousand hands - at least. Here they gather the cutters (catchers, for costaricenses readers) who dedicate their hands to cut six coffee, sometimes seven days a week. Without the efforts of the cutters, quality coffee will stay in the woods being only quality fruit.

Quality of root growth, literally. Here the grafted coffee has roots that resist the nematodes that can disrupt a forest from below. Coffee can germinate of seed like any other plant, or it can be reproduced of fabrics that contribute embryos, which are sown. Quality is born in the soil and now also in the laboratory.

Quality on the branch is red, not pink or painted. In Ramacafé "red" is a word that is not used lightly.

Fruit developing its sugars to be mature, ready to be cut.

Coffee drinks a lot of water , And quality cutters withstand time and cut in the rain.

In quality measure cutters remove all the chick from their cans, even when there is a downpour.

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Delivering The cut of the day to wet benefit at dusk.

The next morning workers wash the coffee, remembering that quality coffee imports sustainability. The water is cleaned to ensure the quality of life on the farm for flora, fauna and, above all, people.

The highest quality coffee comes from microlotes and is laid in beds. >

Most of the coffee in Ramacafe takes advantage of the sunshine of the patios of drier areas and plains after coming down from the mountains.

Ensuring quality at every step is a full-time job. Ignacio is one of the Quality Control Engineers in charge of following the quality of the nursery to the cup.

In no way is coffee a simple thing, to produce it requires buildings, trucks, machinery, and more Nothing requires people who are interested in working day and night to achieve a final product that they can be definitely proud of.

Coffee demands a lot, so you have to take advantage of everything you provide, such as Beautiful views from the slopes of the coffee plantations.

Thanks to all of Ramacafe and La Virgen for being so generous to me. I am very grateful to those who spent their valuable time taking me everywhere!

* forgive my faults, I am improving my Spanish

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