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Santa Rita - Paraguay - Karina Diarte

Santa Rita - Paraguay - Karina Diarte

I was born in Asuncion and lived all my life in the Central Department, I always loved the inland landscapes of Paraguay, the red earth of the Eastern Region and the Talcal del Chaco, until I met a simple boy from Interior, we got married and for 2 years I wake up every day in the beautiful Alto Paraná.

The famous Tree Tunnel of Santa Rita is on route VI "Juan León Mallorquín", trees of the genus Leucaena cover an extension of 400 meters approximately, when entering This portal of peace merges with the embrace of the trees.

Santa Rita is known as the Capital of Progress in Paraguay. The main products of the region are soybean, corn, canola, sunflower, wheat and others. Also presenting significant growth in the industrial, commercial and service delivery sectors.

They had finished harvesting when the Rainbow appeared after a light drizzle. The country's highest annual amount of rainfall occurs in the Alto Paraná region.

Santa Rita Center

Santa Rita is a district located in the department of Alto Paraná. Founded by Brazilian immigrants, it is the largest soybean production area in the country, located 340 km east of Asuncion and 70 km from Tres Fronteras (Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay).

The everyday urban landscape saturated with horns and omnibus, changed by the songs of the tero, the early fog and the peculiar traffic of tractors, harvesters and trucks.

Storm on the horizon Route VI "Juan León Mallorquín"

The Atlantic Forest of Alto Paraná is a forest that has particular ecosystems that do not exist anywhere else in the world. These forests have pastures and watersheds that are characterized by their location, their climate and also by the animals and plants that are in it. Among its flora we can highlight the immense variety of well-known trees like the Kurupa'y, Yvyra pyta, Yvyra ro, Cedar, Pino paraná, Tajy (Paraguayan national tree), orchids and other types of Plants, which contribute to botanical biodiversity.

We call for conservation efforts as our forests are extremely degraded, isolated and fragmented, preservation ensures the provision of environmental services today and for future generations: climate conservation, Rainfall, water supply, soil conservation, biodiversity conservation, etc.

The approximate population is of 30,000 inhabitants distributed in an area of ​​698,11 Km2 according to estimates of the General Direction of Statistics, Surveys and Censuses.

Falcon sparverius

A common and expanding species, due to the proliferation of granivorous birds, its prey, which it traps in mid-flight .

Owls have their own habits, nest in burrows and hunt planning, often by day. It feeds on small reptiles and insects.

Red Earth Trail in Santa Rita ​​p>

Diego Fortunato and Art
Painter Diego Fortunato Acrylic on canvas 122 x 76.5 cm My God, give back to the human being lost spirituality ... I must say that I was denied and at the same time I have forbidden it, There is my earthly paradise.

Typical landscape of the area, full-color sowing fields, what looks yellow is canola in bloom.

Santa Rita is connected to the City of Asunción by Routes 2,7 and 6, crossing a distance of 340 km east of Asunción and 70 km from the Three Frontiers. Seated 44 kilometers from the Guaraní International Airport of Minga Guazú and at an altitude of approximately 300 meters above sea level.

Torcaza / Zenaida auriculata ​​i>.

A very abundant species in its entire range of distribution, it proliferates in urban and rural areas, feeds on seeds and sometimes leftovers from bread or other food found in populations. In full expansion due to large scale agriculture.

We wait every evening with Stephen knowing that the Creator will affirm in our hearts his redemptive beauty.

Around the streams dragonflies, Orthemis discolor abound.

The dragonfly, known in our country as ñahatí is a natural predator of insects. The work begins underwater, when the nymphs devour the larvae of the mosquitoes. Once adult, they "hunt" the mosquitoes in flight, without giving them a chance to escape.

Thrushes and sparrows in flight to the trees where they will spend the night, are quite punctual in leaving the tree and returning before the sun goes down.

Visit of a butterfly in search of minerals.

Small partridge / Nothura maculosa .

All industries are derived from agricultural activity, development of construction and production of goods and services. More and more people are settled in the city, coming from all corners of the country, making real estate investments increase in area and costs. That is why Santa Rita is one of the cities with the highest cost of living in the country and located among the first of America in the same field.

The little girls take flight to rest in a safe place before the sun goes down.

Glider hawk / Circus buffoni .

It is relaxing to watch the Hawk leave in the drafts. It is an important area of ​​pork and poultry production, so the use of technology and capital adds value to the high production of grains, pigs and poultry.

The theme of blog posts always point to the positive aspects of Paraguay, Paraguay that resurrects every day despite human egoism and the harmful ink of newspapers. The one that reflects those untiring hands of every inhabitant that builds with this earth thinking about its generations.

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