Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Second Reading Book

Second Reading Book

Jaime and Dolores were poor children.

They had never seen the countryside.

They lived in a house of orphans.

A day in the country.

Mr. Blas was a rich peasant who had a very nice house.

He wanted to see children in it.

He asked them to send him two poor children.

They sent Jaime and Dolores.

They were always running around the countryside.

They were picking up fruits and flowers.

They heard the birds sing.

His mistress in many things.

Jaime learned to milk the cows.

Dolores learned how to skim milk.

Jaime could rake the hay.

- They will stay with us.

Jaime and Dolores were very happy.

Federico's mother had told him that some worms became butterflies.

He wanted to see one become a butterfly.

One day he caught a worm in the garden.

He brought it to his mother. > She gave him a box to keep it.

Federico gave him to eat fresh leaves every day.

Shortly afterwards the worm stopped eating.

Federico He thought he would die.

His mother said: No, Federico, go to sleep.

When he wakes up he will be a butterfly.

The worm spun a It was woven around his body.

It was glued to one side of the box.

- It is dead, Mom, - said Federico. Moves or eats.

"He is not dead," said Mom.

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One day Federico looked at the box.

His wings were not pretty or bright.

He called his mother to see him.

"What a strange and ugly thing it is," Federico said.

-I thought it would be prettier.

In a few moments it began to move and unfolded its wings.

The colors became brighter.

-Oh, how beautiful!

He spread his wings and flew to the window.

-The butterfly had always been there.

/ P>

"We should not go back to the asylum," said Mrs. Blas.

The worm spun a web round its body.

It was stuck to one side of the box.

/ P>

"It does not move nor eat."

"It's not dead," said Mamma.

It's your butterfly, "said mamma.

Said Fred.

"I thought it would be prettier."

In a few moments it began to move, and spread out its wings. Turned brighter.

"O, how beautiful!" Said Fred.

It spread its wings and flew to the window.

Fred opened the window and let it fly out. T dead, "said mamma.

" The butterfly had been there all the time. "

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