Published: Tue, September 05, 2017
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Tenzin Ngawang & mdash; Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Tenzin Ngawang & mdash; Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

I sat on my bean bag, frustrated. Why could not I be smart as my father? With his support, I should be on top of the world like him. He has always treats me as though I am his only child. Every time there's a major crisis, I have to be with him because he does not want anyone but me with him when he's trying to solve something big. I guess I'm his inspiration. I wish I had someone as an inspiration ... I wish I was my dad. Even though he's old and annoying sometimes, he's known as the smart guy in the world. These days there are so many technologies that work with people that are getting lazier and lazier, day by day. Like what Dr. Ngawang once said about the technologies in 21st centuries and I quote, "Someday, technologies will take over the world and life as we know it, will be a lot easier." I have to agree with the quote because it is True that technologies are definitely taken over the world and life is easier but life is easy that everyone is getting more and more brainless. It sure is simple with bots doing all the works for you and you do not have to think because everything is done for you. Researches have shown that there have never been many obese people in the world. Every single household owns a chef; She cooks all the meals and since she does all the cooking, there's no need for anyone to be cooking. My dad has been telling me only 1% of the entire population in the United States. I have an IQ of 50 or more and are encouraged to participate in the "-". He is the leader of that group because I said earlier, he was the smartest guy in the world.

I've planned a special secret birthday ceremony for him. I have not planned it. Even though I feel as though I have noticed my behavior to be a bit strange for the past few weeks because I have been getting home late at night. Though I have never bothered to ask why I was coming so late. Every time I came in, he was in his lab with his machine gears working on a new robot called "Gee". Gee, on the other hand, was specially dedicated for his girlfriend, Gina. Gina was a decent woman for him and I accepted her in the family because she was not dumb like the rest and she reminded me of the littlle of my mother. It is such a tragic that every decent woman that my dad married, ended up dying. My mom died when I was 13 due to a machine malfunction. The worst part is we could not find her body because she was stuck in the time traveling device. Gina died 2 years ago because of my aunt. My aunt, well she's a robot. She's a human robot, meaning she looks completely like a human and has human organs except her brain. Her brain is made out of metal with chips. Her head is abnormally large but she is a beautiful creature.

"Gavin! Gavin! Wake Up! Are you okay? "My lovely sister blurred in front of my face.

"Yes ... Yes, I'm awake, Kasia." I replied with pain in my neck. I had fallen asleep on the bean bag. "How did I end up falling asleep !!" I asked to myself because last time I checked, my sister was watching the television on her bed while I was on the bag, reading. I've never fallen asleep reading a book, no matter how boring or annoying it is.

Diastasis Recti Abdominis: Commentary on Current Research and Our Approach - Shift
This is common during and after pregnancy and has been associated with lumbopelvic instability and pelvic floor muscle weakness. The authors concluded that activation of the TrA could be protective of the baseline and help to prevent or reduce the DRA.

With the help of Myla and Hollis, we finished all the decorations for tomorrow. Myla was one of the house maid that my dad had made for me and Hollis is my homework helper that I purchased at the mall. I got my speech ready and that included ... Dun- dah- tah! My first new invention; A robot that can feel emotions. I've worked my butts off for this entire 2 year while I was in college. Aside from that, today went by so quickly, I did not even realize I forgot to eat. I was starving! I begged the chef to make me a chicken noodle soup and some salad. I do not know why but I wanted to be healthy tonight. The dinner was delish as always and I headed to sleep praying for tomorrow to go well.

"Mr. Gavin. Today is Professor Adonis Forest, bracket my father bracket, birthday. "Myla announced coming with a fresh pair of socks and a black tuxedo shirt, near my bed. I realized I have still forgotten to register "Professor Adonis Forest" as my dad on her brain chip instead I put in brackets because I was lazy.

"Thanks Myla! I got it! Leave the clothes on the table. I'm going to take a shower in a second. I told her to make me a vanilla bean. Oops! And do not forget to wrap that gift for me! "I said with such anticipation, Myla got right to work. My shower lasted about 5 minutes and I rushed through the door with my brand new clothing.

"I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to come here from all over the world to celebrate my dear father, Adonis Forest's 76th birthday! I want to thank my two baby robots, Myla & Hollis that has helped me organize this party. Now I would like to share some of my thoughts and wishes for my dad for his upcoming years. When I think of my father, I do not know how to describe him. He's the greatest man I will ever know. Now I know that every dad wants to hear their kids say I want to be just like my father and I am going to say it with actual deep feelings because I truly envy him and when I grow up, I want to be just like you , Dad. "I start my speech and I looked up and I can see everyone with an awe spark in their eyes. Then I continue, "I really can not imagine anyone as great as you are to be my father. I am truly blessed to have you as my dad. You're the best dad I can ever have. "I look up and I can see my dad tearing up but with a bold face. Then I get ready for the zenith of my speech. "... I would like to say that I'm going to be married soon." The whole crowd goes nuts congratulating me starts blowing up champagnes. I skim through the crowd and see my dad in disbelieve as though he's having some trouble. I reflected, did I just blurred something ridiculous in front of the crowd? Instead of saying I'm getting married? The next thing I know, my dad's on the floor and everyone hushes.

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