Published: Wed, September 13, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

The Workshop Of ViLmuS

I tell you that I have done very well with my little friend Colibrí :) and I even named him! It is called TiTo (for chiquitito) and I also discovered that he is a married man, since he has introduced me to his beautiful wife "TiTa".

I have been watching them carefully and with it I discovered many things! Tito is cheerful and very worried about his beautiful wife; If she misses sight for a few seconds, she starts calling her insistently and she's always with an attentive eye.

It's also friendly, since I've only been a week away and you know me!

He looks at me suspended in the air sometimes, as if investigating me, just as I do with him ... I help him feel attracted to me by placing something red on me, and it turns out! I look out the window of the second house and ignores me a little, then I put on a red shirt and then sings and looks at me. So I'm already understanding how to 'tame' this intrepid little bird.

Something I also discovered is that certain recurring customs follow, such as the place where they stand, since it is always standing in the same places or tree branches, and it is easier for me to look for it between So many possible places ...

Today something exceptional happened! It turns out that I looked out the window and there I was, biting the red bells (which he likes) of my Abutilon, then I greet with a short but sharp beep! Yes me (Or so I imagined) and I answered (with a sound that I invented to call him) and instantly he answered me again with another beep, this time longer. So we were a good time ... he would spit out a stanza and I would punch another one, lol ... Until Tito left again to take a little tour around the neighborhood ...

Meridians: April 2008
The book was originally published in 2003 in French in Canada, and is now being edited for the first time in Spanish. Ari arrived in Mexico after shipwreck together To Melkolf, an Irish Catholic slave, and to be found by the Toltecs.

The drink I made following a recipe from the Web: A part of sugar for three of water, which I put to boil and let cool, and then added a few droplets of vegetable color (edible) to give it red. I hung up the drinker in my mandarin, since the aroma attracts me a lot to settle on it and also keep the drinker in the shade.

In the last two days I have not seen Tita, but I have heard In the distance, and that makes me think that maybe she is nesting ... I cross my fingers for that to be true, and so my friends grow in number.

I still can not get a photo close up ... But they love the drinker! And if our relationship continues as well, I'm sure they will let me get closer ...

Those who let themselves be photographed are my Fucsias !!

And here they are:

Here I leave you a link in case you want to learn more about this beautiful plant:

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