Published: Mon, September 18, 2017
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What is the Black Line? | Health & amp; Safety | Babies Online

Also known as the linea nigra, the black line is a dark line that forms down the middle of some women's bellies as their pregnancy progresses. The line is normally about a centimeter in width, and can run from the pubic bone to the bottom of the rib cage in some women.

Black line is more commonly found in women who already have darker skin pigmentation. It is caused by an increased production of pigment melanin during pregnancy. Prior to a dark line, some women might see a lighter, white line called "linea alba".

Black line normally starts appearing during the second trimester, and may last for several months after your baby is born. For some women the line will never completely go away. Some doctors believe that there may be a connection between a woman's insulin level and her getting black line, or even not getting enough folic acid.

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Black line has a myth associated with it as well. It is an oldwives' tale that if the black line stops at the belly button, the woman is having a girl, and if it goes all the way to the bottom of the rib cage then the woman is having a boy.

There is no danger to mom or baby from the black line; However it does bother some women. Do you know your baby's birth stone?

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