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Wilcox Park is an 8-hectare (14-acre) park, botanical garden and arboretum, immersed in a historic (50 acres) extension that includes 84 neighborhood houses / buildings with Revival style houses (including the main post office and public library) in Westerly, Rhode Island.

Her code of international recognition as a botanical institution (in the Botanical Gardens Conservation International BGCI), as well as the acronym of herbarium is WRI .

P> The "Wilox Pak" has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1973 as "Wilcox Park Historic District".

It is well known for its surrounding architecture , Majestic lawns and a beautiful landscape defined by an open meadowland with surrounding trees, a fish pond, monuments and perennial gardens.

Location [ Edit] Wilcox Park 44 Broad Street, Westerly, Washington county, Rhode Island RI 02891 United States of America-United States of America.

Open to the public freely, with no entrance fee.

The Wilcox Park is owned and operated by the Memorial and Library Association of Westerly. The original parcel of the land was donated in 1898 by Harriet Wilcox in memory of her husband, Stephen Wilcox (who invented the non-explosive boiler and founded, along with his partner > Herman Babcock , the engineering giant of Babcock & Wilcox). Harriet envisioned the area as a park to be enjoyed walking by citizens working hard at Westerly and Pawcatuck.

Another large land acquisition in 1905 significantly increased the size of the park. This acquisition was designed by the landscape architect Frank Hamilton, who extended the concept of Manning and achieved the vision he intended by defining the boundaries of the park with the topographical features.

Also notable for his notables Contributions to the park by the landscape architect, Arthur A. Shurcliff. He designed the existing formal terraces next to the library, his granite balustrade and staircase in 1929. In 1930, he designed the octagonal granite basin and the blue stone paving pattern surrounding the Wilcox memorial fountain. Once again, in 1937, Shurcliff made its mark on the design of the World War Memorial, which includes a circular granite balustrade, granite monument and blue paving stone.

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> Pond at Wilcox Park.

However, in the 1960's efforts began to develop the park, a botanical garden. Current specialties include a garden of dwarf conifers, herb garden, sensory garden, and perennial garden, coordinated by equipment of fine Westerly granite ashlar masonry designed by landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff from 1929 to 1930.

The park has a number of monuments and memorials including the Wilcox memorial fountain (1930), by John Francis Paramino and in honor of Harriet and Stephen Wilcox. A tree was planted in memory of boxing champion Rocky Marciano.

The park is the place of the "Summer Pops" for the Westerly Choir (since 1980) and the Shakespeare productions in the Park thanks to the Colonial Theater.

Wilcox Park is currently Considered a "Medallion Park" by ASLA and is classified as "nationally significant" on the National Register of Historic Places.

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