Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

About the books

About the books

Why do you write? Because I can not help it. Writing for me is like the sap of trees, my tree, it would dry me if I would not express what flows within it. Writing saves me from a child, it is also condemns a beautiful condemnation.

Your poetry is melancholy, almost a metaphor of life ... What is it?
As I say in a poem "Man is his childhood" and My childhood was beautiful and luminous, I always miss my stone streets, my river, my orange trees and loquats. That longing brings with it the nostalgia, the melancholy of that which was, that we were and can not return. This longing takes hold of me, so much when I write a lyric, social or love poem, is always soaking my essence.

Tell me something of your childhood, so present in your work. Tender there in my native Mocoretá. A small town, still small but inhabited by elves, legends, honeysuckles and melodies. A town where my parents cradled me, as much as the willows or the chicharras. A village that was the home of my grandparents with their wisteria and their mature grapes. A fellow childhood and high school, guitar afternoons and fried cakes back there in the rain, first love forbidden and beautiful. A town with my brothers playing the Indians, the princesses or the battles with balls of paradise.

Are you a pediatrician, does this influence your poetry? Although I do not write about medicine, I think Which my specialty, neonatology, influences from the sensible. A newborn, a child who begins to walk on this floor comes submerged in beauty and harmony and I believe that is transmitted to me. I think that the newborns give me light, being pure soul they invade my aura and protect me a little of the everyday that sometimes hurts so much, right?

That passion for the diffusion of your colleagues, can it dull your work? -It enriches it because it induces me to read other colleagues, helps me to know other voices, makes me feel happy to contribute a brief piece Of me to spread to the POESIA that is the one that really matters.

About the books
About the books

On the other hand, this patronage so sui generis, is typical of this age so egocentric? The literary world more than we think. I try to run away from the ego and I do not care much about the conflicts of the other being, everyone will have their story to be one way or another. Yes I learned to write poetry without expecting anything in return but the pleasure of expressing myself. I do not expect to be invited to read for example, I do not almost attend literary coffee with the sole objective of being invited as a reader and other things (as I once did), if you invite me well but it should be for my Poetry and not for Other interwoven so common in our environment. I do not invite my site to invite me, I am extremely sorry to see poets who organize a festival for example to achieve after other festivals invite. I am sorry for that and I try to get rid of that situation.

What is My contemporary poets for you?
A small contribution to the universe of the WORD
A meeting of different voices who love the POETRY, better than others in terms of literary quality but all with the love and commitment required by the Word.

Can you do politics with poetry?
Power can, but I do not like it when you drop it in the Pamphlet.

Any message you want to leave for Culturamas? To Culturamas by the possibility of telling a little of me and of what I feel and thanks above all to the enormous being who is Juan José Mestre, to be the one I have known for so long now and that I love because he taught me many things of life, without Knowing it, without intending it, gave me elements to know that every moment that one lives should be enjoyed as a ray of sunlight entering through the window.

Bee-eater ... and other animals
The whole herd is waking up! This hour of maximum activity is ideal for taking photos of the unlikely formations of the rocks. The mythical zeal of the mountain goat has just begun! And on the edge of the hillside, a solitary sentry stands guard.

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