Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning


And the mountain awakens you in the city of fire

And your evening and night become cliff foot wrapped in eye

the thread that unites the coccyx The earth threads the atlas with the sky

said to us: the column is the ground of vision

feel the hands the weight of the hands the weight of a body in the mountain < / P>

-and the yellow smoke and the grass baking and the city with low light

said to us : The weight is the portal of listening

feel the feet entering the stone becoming part of what you are

you have come from the stones but you do not know their language

You have come to enter

You do not know your language and you are becoming part of the earth

growing in your crotch mixed sexes

The ones that call it temple and moon

told us: the mixture of bodies is the root

how the quartz dwells blue clay and red earth the Fresh tuna and fuchsia cactus flower

a mind rocked by the tender thorn by the oxygenated blood when climbing

perfume of the flesh on the scrape: acrobat skin talking on the plexus < / P>

The mountain has an axis in the distance and the drowsiness: its presence betrays you in all things

burning the lips fever: the height climbs at the nape of the neck the skull takes the temples

Do you hear it barking? It falls from the time in waves

It does not steal the air if it does not catch the fear

and teaches you to spin and feel: beings ages the elements

Then I put my mouth and kissed

letting it hurt and ached less letting me talk and chose sex

moist lips

thistle clusters: the sexes Hilan

with the curiosity of the cat in a sleep of laughter

fantasmitas winks invisible beings make triangles

it's music, mother: give more time and more tobacco

and an uncontrollable blind calm: inverted column

He told us: we come from an old laugh

I hear you break roaring

River in the mountains

Next to them stones are mirrors

one foot on the ground and another will fall

sleepy mind

its green aura

Move the vertebra behind the plexus

the ground lights up

said: your networks are my ways

I grow from sex

A daimon hugs us

KNIT WITH LONG SLEEVES | Peeptoes | Bloglovin '
When you are in love and that person asks you; "from one to ten how much do you love me?", the answer is always infinite. Now the maximum trend is not to show your hands and cover them with sleeves of sweaters, shirts or pullovers.

the goblins want to go out and dance

the goblins want to destroy

its game

in the mix Beings and elements

There is no contradiction

I am human in your pleasures

I am pore gates: you can be like me

The ribs the memory of the earth

your material life

That little flower sounds all the bowls

that pile of leaves is like me

P> now you feel the existence of the hands

the weight of the earth and your body-channel entering the stone

when you let fear pass from the limit to the threshold

Here you can fall with me


Fall for me to the edge of the world

Where fire and water roar in communion: pain is but an expression of strength and a force in itself

falls for me in the intensity

you are dancing with The beings and elements: without me without you

pleasure wants eternity

seeing and touching love: feeling thinks

anger loses meaning: I can See

most things in the world are a minor matter: anger reserves its place

small annoyances happen as tools

we still do not understand: We watch action: light passes through action

kiss reactions reactions distances joints

I love myself approaching me away from you

te I feel loving: I vibrate in your game: your viscera fear: the thorn: the desire to release your weight in me: to receive my weight to enter: and to be born again

choose your strength: she chose you

do not reserve a single force: the mixture is the root

you will never complete your form: stop worrying about yourself and get lost On earth

really forget about healing: you're so worried about healing you that you do not listen to anything but your whimsy

falls wrapped in threads: your coccyx finds strength: your plexus echoes In strength: your sex embraces strength: in the smallest is the key: the pieces of city burn the roads: mastícalos: do not repudiate them: do not you see that you do not see them ?: enter the city of fire: it is you Reality

beings and elements you attract are propitious for you: but your reaction is not always: learn to be in time and place: your mistakes are the best form of creation: rejoice, you will never leave To err

when you do not draw shapes in things you will achieve precision

this is how a teacher spoke: wisdom is life and expresses itself through dancing

The weight a lot S: moving the supports: all being is soil and trampoline: earth to fly: accept the silent or strident intervention of the elements and beings that come and depart: feel the mirrors without fading: fade into the stone: disrespect you For pure pleasure and observation: make others angry

Hi, I do not hear you laugh

Laughter is more serious than pain: depth makes me want to laugh

Nostalgia and apprehension belong to another age

I do not support these complaining and egotistical beings: I can not stand their monogamy, their love anguished: I speak to them and I test them: they send them My elves

there is an animal girl in your chest: I just want to steal your soul

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