Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Birds | MYimage Photography

Birds | MYimage Photography

Hi there my fine fellows!

Let's take a quick look at the Nothern Jacana (Jacana Spinosa). The instinct that God has put into these little creatures is truly amazing. Here are several pictures of a baby that I have been watching the last weeks. In the first picture he is trying his best to be invisible-you'd be surprised how difficult it is to see them from the top when they are holding perfectly still. The next picture shows his full capability for disappearing. Can you find him? Third picture is the give-away to his hiding technique.

Holas my Friends!

Image Result For Aves Grandes Con Picos
Image Result For Aves Grandes Con Picos

Take a time to take a look at Jacana Central American (Jacana spinoza). The instinct that God has given to these creatures is very wonderful. Here are some photos I took of a baby from these Jacanas. In the first, you are making a very good attempt to be invisible-you would be surprised at how difficult it is to see it from above when it is absoltutely still. In the second picture shows its great ability to disappear from the sight of its predators. You can find? The third, shows his technique of hiding.

Check out those feet! / What legs!

Can you find him? / It's okay

Is not it incredible ? / Is not it amazing?

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