Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
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CSS Support Guide for Email Clients | Campaign Monitor

CSS Support Guide for Email Clients | Campaign Monitor

2 May 2014

Removed support for various selector options (E) in Gmail and added support for direction, vertical-align and list-style-type in Outlook '07 / '10 / '13.

19 September 2013

Added support for @ font-face, @media and HTML 5 media tags in email clients, as well as email-relevant CSS properties. We've re-tested all webmail clients and the latest versions of existing clients.

January 30, 2013 no longer supports the margin CSS property, including margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom and margin -left. Float support has also been dropped

17 July 2012

Added Outlook 2013 Preview. CSS test results are identical to Outlook 2007 and 2010 - see blog post for details.

1 February 2012

background-image is now supported in Gmail. For max-width and min-width - see blog post for details.

21 June 2011

Updated guide to CSS in email released. See blog post for details.

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Updated to reflect margin support in

Updated the guide with the results of our CSS3 email client tests.

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