Published: Wed, October 25, 2017
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Glowbook: 2014

Glowbook: 2014

A monument to Giuseppe Parini (1838). Gaetano Monti. Palazzo di Brera, Milan.

White pillows,

ve, and an image of di

So sad and deformed, paint it in your mind.

So equal to me create those shadows,

and the pale color that extends in me

If you give me such a great favor,

I will offer you with calm and slow hand

di celeste bellezza apre i portenti;

and il notturno spettacolo serena

co 'raggi Of the bel volto, Love, che tenti?

I entered for gli occhi to that prodigio intenti;

scendo ne 'cori ; And the calm ogni pena;

desto teneri sensi;

I think that I should be able to do this.

da i due corali da bella bocca

scioglie il love song, Love, che fai?

and grido: oh in terra fortunato assai

chi sì bel labbro ascolta o corce o tocca!

For The singer Caterina Gabrielli

- When she goes out to the changeable scene,

of heavenly beauty opens the portent,

With the light of his face, Love, what do you try?

-Looking at the prodigy attempt;

under the breasts; Calm all sorrow;

awake admiration; Filled with the people

of soft fire every vein.

-And while, simulating sad ayes,

of the corals of his beautiful mouth

Love song comes, Love, what do you do?

-Light to the lip where pleasure abounds,

And cry: Oh how happy in this land

Glowbook: 2014
Glowbook: 2014

L 'arbor son io, Signor

, Che tu ponesti

nella your vigna;

> e dell 'ampie superbo ombrose vesti

sun with sterili braccia in high ascese.

Però tosto che Il vide, arse di sdegno

your Giustizia: e perchè, said, il terra

occupa indarno? Omai si tagli ed arda.

Maitre Pau pose a tuo furor ritegno

gridando: an anno attendi, an anno al

Lord, that you put

in your vineyard, and wanted to cultivate it

Mercy, which employed

to guard against enemy offenses.

But this ungrateful trunk, beloved,

Fruit until now its culter does not render, With barren branches, goes up to heaven.

But at once, upon seeing it, it burns with fury

Occupy in vain? Let it be fired and burned.

But the Piety puts your fury reins,

shouting: one year wait, one year at least.

What will you do if your fruit takes longer?

(Translation: Ramiro Rosón)

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