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Hey, my son by Felipe Ruz on Prezi

Hey, my son by Felipe Ruz on Prezi

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draw Group dynamics Form six groups Search projected proverbs Read them and reflect on their content In each biblical passage Word "Shama" Proverbs 1: 8 Take a paper and a pencil Now follow the instructions Oye = Shama (Hebrew)
It means "To hear intelligently, to attend, to obey"
In the book of Proverbs this word appears 24 times Group 1: Proverbs 1: 5,8,33; 4: 1 Group 2: Proverbs 4:10; 5: 7, 13; 7:24 Group 3: Proverbs 8: 6, 32,33,34 Group 4: Proverbs 12:15; 13: 1; 15: 29.31 Group 5: Proverbs 15:32; 19: 20,27; 21:28 Group 6: Proverbs 22:17; 23: 19,22; 28: 9 Why was it so important to God that his people "heard" him? Because as Father he does not want to see his children wrong because he wants to avoid the suffering that comes because of our disobedience because he wants to do us good Cain Saul Israel Deut. 6:13; Jer. 1:16 1 Samuel 15:22 Genesis 3 Moses Numbers 20 Deut. 6:13; Jer. 1:16 What can I do? It would be good for you to ask yourself: How much time do I dedicate to hearing the voice of God?

Neurology - Complications of Acute Sinusitis
Focal neurologic deficits may develop including isolated weakness, contralateral conjugate gaze palsy, and expressive dysphasia. Further intracranial spread of infection depends on the competence of the arachnoid as a barrier to bacterial invasion.

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