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HP-12C emulator Web

HP-12C emulator Web

This emulator is supplied as is. Use it at your own risk! Always double-check important calculations by other means.

This emulator is also packaged for Android, iPhone, iPad and Google Chrome. If you prefer to simpler financial calculator, without RPN, try this one.

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All rights reserved. It is forbidden to copy this calculator to other sites. Write me if you have any doubts.

Keyboard shortcuts

Every key is bound to a keyboard key, it pays off to learn keybindings if you are a frequent user. Make sure the calculator is in focus (by clicking it) so it can receive the keystrokes.

N I P M V H 7 8 9 /! \ # $% E 4 5 6 X * [] DYC return space 1 2 3 - OFGSR 0. W + = Z: correct typing (rubout)

Chrome version

This Calculator is offered as a Chrome app that is more like a desktop app and is always available, even offline. It works on all platforms that can run the Chrome browser.

The application supports all input methods, including the keyboard when the window has focus. The same keyboard shortcuts that are accepted in the Web version also work in the Chrome app. For USERS OF BRAZIL: If the Buy button is gray, change your location to "United States" using Settings or Settings (gear in the upper right corner of the screen). For some reason the store is not offering paid apps to users with Brazil location, although the purchase works with international credit card.

In English

This emulator is provided as-is. Use at your own risk! Always check out important calculations by other means. The emulator is available for iPhone, iPad and Android. If you prefer a simpler calculator and no RPN, try this one here.

All rights reserved. Copying the code of this calculator to other sites is forbidden. Contact us if you have any questions regarding usage rights.

Chrome Version

This calculator is

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