Published: Wed, October 25, 2017
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KNIT WITH LONG SLEEVES | Peeptoes | Bloglovin '

KNIT WITH LONG SLEEVES | Peeptoes | Bloglovin '

When you are in love and that person asks you; "from one to ten how much do you love me?", the answer is always infinite. I would love it to be infinite. But for the moment I'm satisfied with the love, the ideas and the knit sleeves of a warm jersey. Now the maximum trend is not to show your hands and cover them with sleeves of sweaters, shirts or pullovers. The oversize-chic I've heard they call it and I've signed up from the moment one. There's nothing I like more in winter than covering my hands with my jerseys. It is the most absolute peace. And this one from H & M is, in addition to tasteful, super original and special.

I love it as it does with a jean high with the cut down and a maxi bag. I also put a choker on the neck to give more roll to the look and I love the result, To you, what do you think ?, Do you add to the trend of Not to teach hands?

The Indian Rupees that we had left we changed in the same town at the right price without having to haggle. Many people are dressed in traditional clothes: curiously more them, with their skirts

All pictures by Mordovas

Jeans: Storets, Jersey / Knit: H & M, Handbag: Céline, Handkerchief: Hermés, Glasses / Sunnies: Céline, Choker: Asos, Manicure / Manicure: MyLittleMomó

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