Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Life as Clo | That's the way the world looks from my eyes

Life as Clo | That's the way the world looks from my eyes

Today I started to think of myself, but not in this one that I am, but in which I went some agoes ago and wanted to imagine living my pubertal and adolescent times right now, just as the world is and I must To confess that I was afraid. I had a good time, I released it well, but it was not easy, I have difficulty visualizing how it would be now with all the pressures and bombardments of information and demands that are everywhere and of those that if we do not have critical eye we do not realize. P>

I think that I have grown and I strive every day to refine my perception, to find the trap and to free myself from stereotypes, roles and obligations imposed on us every day. Sometimes I still fall but not so easily, I no longer believe the speeches that the industry tries to get me through the nose, I am learning to love me and I accept and I wanted to write this for me and for the one I serve, for My friends, my cousins, nieces.

Dear me a few years ago or dear you who read me:

Yes, it is complicated, sometimes so much information is overwhelming, But breathe, really nothing happens or rather is that everything happens and all the feelings and emotions you have right now are going to go, do not let them overwhelm you.

You're cute, you know ? So, as you are, with your little or a lot of fashion sense, with your lack of interest in following the bands that the whole world follows, with your refusal to walk daily, because of your misunderstanding of the marks, well, well You're just beautiful I know that being faithful to you becomes harder in a few days than in others, but it is the most important thing that you must do in this time not to lose yourself, not to betray you, to grow and to make you the most happy. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, listen to yourself faithful .

Concentrate, not on what I say to you that is important, but on what is important for you, what you want for your days, focus on you and nourish you and improve you not only on the outside, but every corner That you inhabit The most important thing is not to find love, love believe me you find yourself alone and for everything there is time, the most important thing is not how you look, neither with whom you leave nor the places you travel, but what you have inside that is the Reason why you exist here and now and dedicate the days that are necessary to discover it, to find that which will be your contribution to the world and it is necessary and only yours.

The only thing in which you think is in Boys and clothes? I do not think so, look for him, hidden there sure you have some idea, a project, a way to help someone or to create something, then do that and stop having as a life goal to be hollow. Someone told me that if you concentrate on taking care of your plants, watering them and pruning them, the butterflies and catarinas will come alone. Now that's what I know.

Take care the same way people let you into your life, human beings tend to mimic us with what we have around, choose your friends well because eventually you will look like them. Surround yourself with people who also want to grow up, who do not spend it stuck in the novels or devising as getting a partner or criticizing others, get close to people you respect, admire and honestly want.

Take time to be alone sometimes, enjoy it, accept yourself and love yourself so that you are able to enjoy your company and know that you are important without waiting for someone else to tell you. Love yourself, love yourself very much, just as you are, you are sufficient, valuable, worthy of love, repeat it as many times as necessary and make sure that every action you take is aligned with this and that every decision you take is root.

Produce your own ideas, do not be a lamb, dress as you please, approve yourself, do what you are passionate about and never feel sorry for something that is yours, in the end who says what is beautiful or ugly? That is and will always be relative, sometimes it takes courage to defend our ideals and go out into the world to say this I am and thus I want, but you can also be brave.

Question the "absolute truths", ask yourself things , Think, do not believe what they say until you really feel it as true, remember that the rules we put, that the limits of truth do not exist until you create them, so ask yourself and ask yourself until you form a belief system Own, a universe in which you live agusto in which you can be you and your way.

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Do not be lazy, use your time, invert it, because it fades, it runs, it runs and it never comes back, Moved, do not waste hours watching too much TV or thinking nonsense or reading magazines full of ads or social networks or your cell phone, which I swear only pollute you. Generate for yourself, learn another language, believe, do exercise, for real, for health and because it makes you much happier, run, jump, swim, kick up, get into a team, move, feel alive. Make habits, what you sow right now will give you something soon. Think about what fruit you want and put the seed there.

Sex is an expression of incredible love and pleasure, you do not have to feel guilty, but always take care, have respect for your body and your desires and never, never do things you do not want to please people that the truth does not He loves you. Date, give yourself whenever you are ready and without needing to prove anything to anyone because people come and go but you stay with you always and if you are not proud of your decisions, if you do not feel full then you are betraying yourself. P> No, you do not need to be promiscuous to be on the go and be more woman, no, you're not a slut or bitch for having sex just for pleasure. No, getting into someone's bed does not get into your heart. Yes, it's a lot nicer when you share it with someone who loves you and who you want too.

There are decisions that are ephemeral and others that lead to results that can not be deleted. Aids, a son, a tattoo, a suicide, all of them irreversible, so be ready, do not make permanent decisions for transient emotions.

Take charge of yourself in every aspect, do not let Nobody else is the master of how you feel, take the reins and realize that your happiness you do it, that no one is going to come to make you happy, that you are not half of no orange but a beautiful fruit full, you do not need that Someone tells you that you are worth it or that you are cute, because you are worth it and you are cute and it is not possible for everyone to love and accept you, but if you love and accept yourself, the rest will be much, much simpler. >

You are valuable, you are important, you are beautiful, you are enough. Just as you are.

P.D. I already took some years and although they are not always unicorns and rainbows, I also tell you that that enriches your story and that everything is and will be well. I mean, you keep watering it sometimes, and less, but eeequis, we're kids.

Oh, do not forget to wear sunscreen and take care of your knees. , In my high school graduation.

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