Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
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Show Off your #ClutchStyle with Huggies Natural Care® Wipes Clutch 'n' Clean Design

Show Off your #ClutchStyle with Huggies Natural Care® Wipes Clutch 'n' Clean Design

Being a mommy to a now 5 year-old I do not really consider myself a mommy expert. I have however changed a few hundred diapers, spit-ups, controlled fevers, tantrums and along the way used thousands of baby wipes for my now kindergartner. One brand I have stuck with along the way due to there stylish looks and convenient ways is Huggies Wipes . Being a young mom I always loved that the Huggies tubs came with cool designs, I often had a hard time deciding which one to buy because they were all so cute! And even though I do not have to wipe any more baby bottoms around here, I often have to wipe the messy or dolled up face and sticky hands.

I actually think I do a lot more cleaning up Now when she was a baby. So to all the future mom's: baby wipes are a must! I became a Sam's Club member - the a Mommy must-have!

Canker sores and other candida infections -
Most of these infections are caused by Candida albicans, a fungus, although other species of Candida are sometimes responsible. There may be many variations in treatment that your pediatrician could recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.

On my monthly trips or weekends stops to try out some samples (because who does not love Sam's Club food samples ?! ) I make sure to pick up a box of Huggies Natural Care® Wipes which provides the ultimate skin care for my child's skin, these wipes are hypoallergenic and 99% water based. Each box counts with 864 wipes per pack and includes a tub and the exclusive members-voted Clutch 'n' Clean design, so you can be a super stylish mama!

So go ahead and show off your #ClutchStyle like the moms in the "What's Your Clutch Style" video who are straight outta that Mommy Hood and all about that mommy -life !!

Stay fresh and clean, with breasts style!

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