Published: Tue, October 17, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

The Wild Window

The Wild Window

We enter the final stage of spring, with summer stalking up close and its implacable heat is the most remarkable example of it. Today I went for a walk in such conditions, and it has not been necessary for me to go too far from the town: on a wooden fence on the banks of we can find everything an entomologist could Dreaming.

The first thing I noticed is how high the vegetation was after the spring blast. The branches of the trees invaded the fence, and it is precisely on the leaves of these that you could see a large number of insects, especially ants. Like the ants I think we have a lot of eyes on them, I have focused on other insects that I think are more interesting, such as the boll weevil (Curculionidae) .

These bichejos have a very characteristic shape, emphasizing their elongated mouth in the form of a trunk or beak (which, unfortunately, is not seen in the photo above). Quite common in the area, being easy to see at any exit. In fact, there are times when it is easy to see them inside the nearby houses, sneaking through the windows that face the river.

On the same leaves there were also beetles? Like the one that follows.

The Wild Window
The Wild Window

In spite of the curious thing that it is: of round form and without neck, of small size and metallic colors, I have not been able to identify to him. As always, any help in this regard will be well received.

We then go on to the omnipresent Diptera. Flies and mosquitoes will never be near a river, and today could not be different. Let's start with one of the most impressive: the fly thief or killer (asilidae) .

Smaller than a common fly and much more robust and elongated, this insect is one of the worst nightmares of smaller insects.

Finally, and although the photos are not too good, show you some bees (Lasioglossum leucozonium) that were dancing around the flowers, dipping into their pollen, which are glued together in the shape of White balls

And these were the photos of today's walkway, especially fruitful considering that all of them have been taken in a route of about 500 meters.

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