Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
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WWE-PINO: WWE Live News, Photos, Results, Videos

WWE-PINO: WWE Live News, Photos, Results, Videos

We started a new Raw Supershow from Memphis, Tennessee, with the presentation of the match between CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

Show us the promo between Kane and John Cena last week, where the Big Red Machine tried to convince Cena that people have a lot of evil and you can not trust the fans. Entrance of the show.

John Cena is the first to appear in the first show of the year 2012. Dinner comes before the chants and boos of people, as usual. Dinner takes the micro and wishes a happy year 2012, a sector of the audience begins to chant "you suck". Cena says it will not change this year. Cena says that this year has several things to do, and one of them is to defeat The Rock. Cena says he still thinks that fans can think what they want, he knows who he is and what he should do. Cena refers to what happened last week. Cena believes that fans have the right to think what they want and to judge the fighters. Cena says Kane tried to change his mind. Dinner says NO, it will not change, not tonight, not tonight.

The fireworks and the musical theme of Kane sound. The Big Red Machine does not appear anywhere, only its voice is heard. Kane says Cena tonight will witness the true power of hatred. Kane laughs and the four fires of the posts light up while Cena watches with respect.

We are reminded that tonight we will have a WWE World Title bout. Later, a mini-promo of "It Begins" titled "The End Begins Tonight".

Daniel Bryan makes his appearance. They remind us that this Thursday Daniel Bryan will defend the heavyweight world title against the Big Show. Cody Rhode will be his rival tonight.

- Daniel Bryan defeated Cody Rhodes with a small package when Rhodes attempted a "snap suplex". After the match, Daniel Bryan celebrates Michael Cole and the audience.

First official promo of Royal Rumble 2012. We are reminded of the first Royal Rumble Match held in 1988, where Jim Duggan took the win.

Wade Barrett makes his appearance for the next bout. They remind us of the street fight he had in SmackDown! Where Orton ended up falling down the stairs. Barrett takes the microphone and says that 2012 will be phenomenal since Randy Orton will not participate. Barrett says that Orton is past, so he will now devote his energies to his next goal; Win the Royal Rumble, and then go to Wrestlemania. Santino Marella interrupts with his musical theme and we are going to the next match.

Santino takes the micro and mocks Barrett ensuring that he will eliminate him in Royal Rumble.

- Wade Barrett defeated Santino after applying a "Sidewal Slam" to get the victory to the count of three.

The Miz is behind the scenes with the Bellas, who are discussing. The Miz asks if they have seen R-Truth, they say no but make fun of him by ensuring they have seen a little Jimmy. The Miz advances, hears a noise behind a curtain, stops, but continues on his way. R-Truth comes out from behind the curtain and asks the crowd to be silent.

- Sheamus Vs. The Miz ends in "No Contest". The Miz begins the fight by attacking Sheamus's pity until he is sent off at ringside. Sheamus chases after him but The Miz leaves the area of ​​the public. Suddenly, the voice of R-Truth is heard, which is located at the top of the public access ladder. R-Truth says Little Jimmy does not like The Miz. This one returns to ringside but is intercepted by a "Brogue Kick" of Sheamus. R-Truth enters the ringside area, Sheamus leaves. R-Truth takes a bottle of water and hits The Miz.

Diary of a singer
Ay, what do I do with you I commend you a mission it's your primitive instinct you can do noise come and cover here in this song

R-Truth returns with the audience, passes the microphone to a child wishing a happy new year. R-Truth wishes everyone a happy New Year.

Josh Matthews is backstage with Dolph Ziggler, who is doing the pinning. Ziggler joins, Vickie Guerrero combs him and the former United States champion says everyone remembers what happened last week and will remember what will happen tonight when he becomes the new WWE World Champion.

Eve Torres and Zack Ryder are talking when Jack Swagger interrupts. Swagger says that Ryder is an impostor champion. Laurinaitis interrupts and announces a six-man elimination match between Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and Kane Vs. Zack Ryder, John Cena and Big Show are here tonight.

We're off with the WWE World Title fight.

- Dolph Ziggler defeated CM Punk for "countout ", So CM Punk remains the WWE World Champion. Finishing, CM Punk unintentionally removes one corner and the fight continues. CM Punk is set to perform the "GTS" but John Laurinaitis makes his appearance. Laurinaitis warns the referee on the corner. CM Punk applies the "Anaconda Vice" on Ziggler, but the referee remains distracted. CM Punk argues with Laurinaitis, Ziggler tries to take advantage but accidentally hits Laurinaitis. Punk tries to hit Ziggler in the race, but this one moves away and Laurinaitis knocks Punk down by grabbing the third rope from the apron. After the match, Dolph Ziggler grabs the belt as if he had won it and takes it to the public when CM Punk realizes it.


Last promo "It Begins" titled "he is here".

New Royal Rumble promo, in this case reminds us of what happened in 1995. Shawn Michaels took the win. The Bella Twins defeated Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres in a Divas match in pairs.

We are going with the latest promo "It Begins", this time it is the child who speaks and says that the end of the world begins ... NOW.

We return to the stage, the camera does An earthquake effect with the public, lights go out ... Suddenly, we see some lights in the entrance area, the music sounds and the mysterious man of the promos is ... CHRIS JERICHO.

Jericho makes his entrance to the ring with a great ovation of the public, he looks very energetic.

The audience chorea "Y2J", Jericho is very happy and celebrates clashing hands with him Public, again at ringside. Jericho takes the micro, the public will not let him start because they start to chant "Y2J". Jericho wants more and the Korean people "Welcome back". Jericho continues to cheer the crowd. The term "Y2J" is trending topic right now. Jericho continues to play with the audience. Jericho drops back to ringside to hit hands with followers. Jericho climbs the ramp, plays with the camera, with the audience and leaves. Inexplicably, Jericho leaves and hears some boos from the public. There is definitely something going on with Jericho but it seems we will not know anything else today.

We go to the main event, all the fighters who will participate in the six-man elimination match except Kane. John Cena, Big Show and Zack Ryder defeated Mark Henry and Jack Swagger when John Cena won the final victory for his team by swaggering Swagger with him.

"Attitude Adjustment". During the fight, Mark Henry and Big Show were eliminated by double countout.

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