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57 beautiful tattoos for a woman's wrist | Tattoo Ideas

57 beautiful tattoos for a woman's wrist | Tattoo Ideas

Today we are going to present you a long list of tattoos for the female doll. These designs for the wrist are the best way to show your personality, since they are in a visible area of ​​the body and one can see at all times, as well as the people who accompany us, unlike hidden places of the body like Back, leg, thigh and other areas that depend on our clothing to be observed.

Tattoos on the wrist are smaller designs, but very popular among all sexes, age and social classes. One of the things that have to be taken into account when it comes to performing such a tattoo is that the wrist is an area that is always exposed to the sun, for that reason and very important for the care of the tattoo is to always use protector Solar in the tattoo to keep the tone of the ink for a longer time.

Tattoos of stars on the wrist of a woman

One of the most popular tattoos on the wrist are the stars . Among them you can choose many types of design that according to the person can mean and convey different ideas. The star can be full in black, have some kind of vivid color, or even use lines, and more intricate textures. You can choose one or more as you like, something very used to symbolize different people by the number of stars tattooed.

Flower designs for the female doll

As we have been talking A long time ago the variety of flowers is immense and the designs accompany this number. Whether in lines, silhouette, color or pure realism, flowers are the ideal complement to make a drawing in our body. A simple daisy works great on a wrist tattoo, even someone can choose to join small flowers and generate a kind of chain or bracelet.

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Words, letters, names or any type of writing are perfect for the inside of the wrist. We can choose the name of a loved one, a word that perfectly describes our state of mind or personality, even an inspirational phrase that we like. You can even choose to use scripts in Latin, Sanskrit or Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc.

In this case of the design one can opt for the writing to be generated around the wrist or also in shape Vertical using part of the forearm to complete the word or phrase.

Small tattoos of music on the female doll

If you are a fan of music and all its symbols and signs, nothing better than Represent your passion with a tattoo on your wrist. This small area is ideal for a musical note, a phrase of a favorite song, some small instrument in silhouette. The choice is yours, but the variety is very wide to express.

Excellent butterflies for wrist tattoo

Tattoos and butterfly designs for the wrist are special, with small sizes , Charm, colorful and very vibrant. You can opt for a large butterfly, encompassing the entire wrist, of complex design. We can also choose a group of small flying butterflies, less detailed but with a lot of beauty. We can also choose to add more elements to the butterfly, such as stars, some phrase or word and flowers.

Why not tattoo a bird and birds on your wrist

A bird tattoo on Flight in black silhouette are beautiful and striking tattoos, very easy to perform and take very little time to work. You can choose the number of birds you like for drawing, and they really are precious for a woman's wrist. If you want a design with more color and detail you can opt for a bird with shadows and some flowers around.

Tribal designs on women's wrist

There are endless symbols to choose from when you are looking for wrist tattoos. Designs vary between hearts, symbol of Yin and Yang, icon of OM, symbol of infinity, are at the top of the list of the most chosen. They are choices that look beautiful even with few details, and they maintain a great symbolism for which they are made.

Tattoos of women's bracelets on your wrist

If you are looking for something more than A simple design, you can opt for a bracelet that surrounds your whole wrist. As we talked about the possibilities are infinite, and you can transform that object or symbol that you like into a beautiful bracelet or bracelet, you can add some tribal lines, flowers and leaves in parts of the design to complement your choice.

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