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A Key to the Armoire

A Key to the Armoire

Okay, so we do not have many rambling roses in Florida, but we do not have plenty of rambling bougainvilleas, so I tried not to misleading with the title!

Today, I'm wearing a more professional look, since I had a business meeting in relation to speaking engagements, where I will be presenting on the topics of leadership, change, and innovation to the employees of a corporation . I definitely needed something classic, but not stuffy. I decided to go with separates, which is a more colorful option, than with a full suit.

As I'm sure you have seen, flower prints are going to be very popular in the spring (aren ' T they always?), So I decided to pair my flowered tulip skirt with the softest rose-colored linen blazer, and I used a couple of brooches to add a whimsical vignette. I created this "vignette" by pairing a rose (like those on the skirt) and a tiny hummingbird. Are not hummingbirds adorable? When I was little, we had a pine in the yard that was often chosen by hummingbirds to make their nests. I remember monitoring the eggs from the porch, and later, enjoy the tiny little birds being fed by mamma hummingbird. Have you ever seen their eggs? They're a delicate shade of sky blue! Obviously, I could not pass the brooch when I saw it ...!

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In Florida, we do not have many climbing roses, but what we do have are a lot of bougainvilleas (also called trinitarians, camelinas, paper flowers, Napoleons, or Santa Ritas, depending on the country). I tried not to confuse much with the title!

Today I have a more professional set, since I had a meeting to talk about a conference that I have to give a company employees on leadership, corporate change and innovation. I definitely needed to wear something classic, but not boring. I decided to use loose fittings, which is always a more colorful option than wearing a full suit.

As I suppose you have seen, floral prints are going to be very popular in the spring (are not they always? ), So I decided to combine my tulip-type flower skirt with a linen tailor-made jacket in the purest pink possible, and added a pair of brooches to make a nice "vignette". I arranged the "scene" by putting together a rose (like the ones on the skirt) and a small hummingbird. Is it true that hummingbirds are charming? When I was little we had a pine in the garden that always served as a refuge for the hummingbirds-which in Venezuela are called tucusitos-made their nests. I remember watching the eggs from the porch, and then enjoying the way the hummingbird mother fed her little ones. Have you ever seen the hummingbird eggs? They have the most delicate blue sky! Obviously, when I saw this pin, I could not let it pass ...!

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