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Aminta Ocampo | A respite as life goes by

Aminta Ocampo | A respite as life goes by

At the age of four I was convinced that my grandmother kept a treasure in her closet. Many times I saw her stealthy, standing on a bench of little points, hiding it in the highest drawer. It had to be something truly wonderful to be so determined that no one touched him. Something so impressive that I could not get lost in the world.

One day I was in the kitchen, I took advantage of his distraction and using the lower drawers, I climbed that furniture. The highest, being able to touch the ceiling and proud of my conquered summit, I opened the drawer and let my hand explore it. Between threads and buttons was a half-rusty metal box, which one day contained biscuits. I remember that I managed to uncover it, while the beating of my heart would not let me hear if someone was approaching.

Curiosity grew when I found inside the box an intense aroma of flowers, as if they had enclosed an invisible garden And many bottles containing liquids
mysterious Why would my grandmother want them? What did he use them for? Why were they so important that I had to keep them a secret? I wished to open some one I let go without realizing the hand that stopped me on high and I fell for the first time breaking the dignity and the forehead.

I do not know if the blow or the shame erased the details of the scolding and What happened next; What I do not forget is that my crying and my breathing stopped completely the moment a giant came into the room where they were being cured. I could not believe it, my grandmother would greet him as if nothing and let him come close to me with his huge hands and a smile so kind that little by little made me lose my fear.

The giant said goodbye to me with a kiss. I knew then with great emotion that my grandmother was a sorceress and not to worry my mother, I decided to keep the secret.

Dr. Susana Martinez Conde, a researcher at the University of Arizona, Em> The deceptions of the mind an interesting theory about perceptions. They point out that the senses (touch, sight, taste, hearing, smell) are a bridge between the world around us and us. It says that what we see, smell, feel, hear, etc., travels in the brain to a place formed by the thalamus, and cerebral cortex where memories and previous experiences are stored; There everything is mixed, as if it were a movie studio and creates a unique and subjective story. A personal image, an interpretation of the world.

Sometimes that cerebral space where the senses come is so loaded with our own experiences, that what is perceived moves away from reality.

P> Among adults it is easy to find examples. Sometimes, unpleasant situations where a word, a look, an attitude of another is mixed in our "study of cerebral cinema" along with some memories, experiences or negative contexts and the result is a misinterpretation that causes some conflict. P>

The bad thing is that these perceptions are saved and added to others creating a chain of misinterpretations that only complicate our lives and even create pain.

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I suppose in the world of The children, who have a new brain memory, the mixture of senses feeds more illusion and fantasy. That must have happened that day that cured me with arnica, marjoram, lavender or some other ointment, the doctor of the pharmacy where my grandmother worked and that certainly was very high.

I would also like to learn to see, perceive and interpret things as I did when I was a child. If I could see every situation from my childhood eyes, life would probably be more exciting, more fun, more worth living.

When I was little, the world was full of amazing things. Has it changed or did I

To return to this will involve trying to leave behind prejudices, preconceived ideas or at least to detect that they are there, when we are forming an opinion. P>

I guess you need to remember that getting bored is boring; Dusting off the imagination to reset our memory bank and try to see everything as if it were the first time.

Nothing easy, but nothing new either. Finally I once saw things, I have a scar on the forehead that proves it.

I will never forget that I met a giant, because that day I knew that my grandmother Josefina was a sorceress, whose magic Has allowed him to remain here by my side; Taking care of me and making me feel, when I most need it and in different ways, his immeasurable love.

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