Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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ANIME EXPO (day two) | Chopblock

ANIME EXPO (day two) | Chopblock

Day two of AX (Anime Expo) is here with more panels, guests and cosplay. Today, I went to a AX Guest of Honor press conference for Producer and Director Nobuhiro Kikuchi and prolific Screen Writer Mari Okada, both working on the anime production of Hanasaku Iroha. I spent the first half of the day inside the main hall where all the vendor and company booths were. Got to see and visit many of my friends booth and meet new ones. Next, I went to the other hall of the AX to see the huge game and cosplay set-up, it was dope. They have all kinds of games going on, from cards to video games with plenty of tables and stations for everyone. Final video games were held on a giant big screen and they even had an arcade full of imported Japanese games. The amazing cosplay section had themed studio sets and back drops to take pictures in, so cool and a great idea. Shout outs to Laszlo, Mike and Jeremy of Anime Diet. Laszlo and Mike (Anime Diet)

Laszlo and Mike Reggie (Power Anime)

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Scott (Crayon Monsters) and Ken (Enfu)

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J. Spencer and Kelly (Jellykoe)

Carlos (Angry Bananas)

Aldora and Joey

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