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[Español] Can flowers help your children get better grades at school? -

[Español] Can flowers help your children get better grades at school? -

Article written by Perla Sofia Curbelo Santiago, originally published in

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During a study Conducted with seniors, Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones, a professor of psychology and director of the Emotions Laboratory at Rutgers University, found that people who received flowers in one of their studies did better on Memory that those who did not receive them.

Haviland-Jones is a pioneer in the study of pleasure that evoke flowers in our behavior. According to the social scientist, the presence of flowers promotes emotions of happiness , satisfaction and positive social behaviors .

Is universal and occurs in all age groups, since flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of emotions. In addition, they lessen anxiety and improve our mood.

Reading about the effect of flowers and plants on humans is fascinating, and now that a new school year and university begins, we could apply the Knowledge to help our sons and daughters to study and get better results.

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For example, you knew that people who surround themselves with flowers might have a better memory than those who do not.

Now, What can we do with this information? Simple, place flowers and plants on the table or study area, especially if we want to stimulate in our children, adolescents and young adults memory, concentration, creativity and, of course, their happiness.

You do not need to recreate a tropical forest. The simpler, the better. You can change the plants daily or weekly, but always keep them in an optimal state.

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