Published: Sat, November 18, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Flowers, Monkeys and Fruits | Molto

Track Name: Coda Hurry! The creature was frightened by the song that enriched the universe

the cosmos shipwrecked with his dancing
and by beating it
the shell of the walnut broke him

The magma of the voices over the bowl of the mouths and they will be!

They'll be like brutal bread ovens and they'll walk and crumble all their skin
And you'll see the disturbance they'll make!

Fire and all its confusion
the staff of a devouring king

That of a heap, he congregates and scatters anthills
drawing of amulets and reasons with the Blood

The tummy of the minds like an undernourished crop will be! They'll be like crazy fools to bind and walk and improvise their existence
And they'll see the laughter they give!

Migrate from rite to rite, bird of the myth
Open at every step the flowers of the marsh
Nourish the feeling riding the winds
Creature do not be scared life is a moment!
Remove your weapon now! Do not you see that it bleeds you?
Track Name: Mono Rabioso Rico the candy of your neighborhood
always so armed with pigeons
bite the ball in the corner
Jungle and the boys of the hand
live to the vera of the trains
biting the quilombo of the street
they are bursting the teeth of so much pineapple that they no longer feel it

All this Broken sperm!
A Rabid Monkey!

That shakes the vine and jams the clutter and spills you all the traffic and the dining room inflates you and its belch is so volatile that a spark detonates it today there is a Masses in Miserere Square!

And now turn around
there's a gun on the table
it's up to you how to dance and hold the tide
the lot will be sweet

Mate Amargo - Slow Swallow
Selva Trunca
Dust at the touch
Quick life
Everything and nothing
Like in hysteria
It never ends!

The silhouette of a boat seduced your course
with the gala of a monster crossed your suburb
sliding your mind by feverish slide
captured a hummingbird and devoured his delicacy
dressed in window and Showed you a lie
to dodge the problem is to uncover joy

The Emerald Colibrí of Honduras unique jewel in the planet
The Colibrí Esmeralda, popularly known as the chupaflor, is a unique jewel in the World and the place of origin is Honduras. As it goes from one to another plant, it also contributes to pollinating them, just like bees do.

I will make your dead dance!

Again! You have died this morning
the flowers of the skull on the tongue all withered
And now? What will you eat without your rebelliousness?
No more paper boats!

The voices throw you all of your vintage
do not worry that you can step on it
I broke the inertia of your movement
the will is a secret of the Olympus
you dance your mind perspiring Moments that although fierce is the strongest tooth is the bite

I will make your dead dance!
I'll make your dead scream!
I'll make your dead bite!

Raise your eyelids
observe, in the silence
a crazed outbreak
the identity of the world
stake your branch in every hole
make of the blood
a common fact
and although in every language
sing another voice
is written jumping
Butterfly do not die! The day does not end
sleep is another way to live
under your finger are crushed spiders
and it is excited as crazy the floral vortex explode without repair color volcanoes
colors scrambled sweat your body
after breaking the uterus and salivating the mind
The dead who dance are those who remember!

Track Name: Everything good and everything bad Like when I look at the sun I can remember and know: next to the clouds I start to change

Run inside Of me
an uncontrollable fire that deforms
the plasticine of my existence

Every step that I give
I choose forever and knowing that someday it will go extinct

As touching your skin and germinating the stars
also arises your whole story

scattering over the silhouette of your coast
the river narrates your will < / P>

Let me swim in you, and after your eyes I can see the restless magma wants to go out

And all good things with bad things can Be inside our
change your rose
change mine
the fruit that grows will be of the two
with freedom
the identity
> I'm loving you!

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