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Fortnite: Battle Royale Adds Smoke Grenade in New Patch

Fortnite: Battle Royale Adds Smoke Grenade in New Patch

Essentially the pair were in Epic's crosshairs for their association with the website Addicted Cheats, and were allegedly using software in Fortnite that, according to the developer, had "the deliberate intention of ruining the game for other players and players who watch streamers".

Epic's insistence that they had no choice but to sue a 14-year-old kid didn't sit well with his mother, who wrote a lengthy, surprisingly savvy, note to the court.

Cary, North Carolina-based Epic Games has sued three Americans and six foreign gamers from Sweden to South Africa for hacks that undercut the game played by more than 10 million players worldwide. Caleb's mom was not having any of that, and in a law-savvy turn of events, she filed a counterclaim in court defending her son against the Fortnite creators. She accuses Epic of violating DE law in its case against her son.

It would appear however, that Epic Games isn't familiar with Delaware's laws, One of which is that it is against DE law to publish names on minors, and that he is unlikely to be the developer/distributor of the cheating tools because of his age.

Most of us hate cheaters (well, unless you're a cheater), as they can ruin some of our favorite games with their spoils.

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As well as new gameplay features, Fortnite will now be able to support the Xbox One X in 4K. The defendant in question turned out to be a 14-year-old, who the video game makers can not legally sue. She acknowledged that her son showcased those cheats during a live stream session via YouTube.

However, the 14-year old's mother has made a decision to fight the case on his son's behalf and has claimed that Epic Games is using them as scapegoats.

The authors of the game stated that using cheats leads to loss of funds.

So it looks like the boy really did take some foolish steps that make Epic's case appear more reasonable. It's unclear the company even knew the boy's age at the time it filed suit. "Epic Games in complete violation of this". His parents nor guardians agreed to the terms and conditions that were set forth through the EULA [end users license agreement]. But these hacks do have a harmful effect on an online game community by undermining the integrity of a title's fair and level playing field.

How Epic plans to handle it will be telling, not just because it illustrates how far a company might go to take a YouTube video down, but because it shines a spotlight on the rights and responsibilities of minors. This was a free game.

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