Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning


Hello, today I would like us to address a subject that many prefer to flee, but that affects us all directly or indirectly, it is about death; Something so inseparably linked to life that we do not even realize the latent presence of it in our being. Death is in general terms the end of life, the termination of vital functions in the physical body and each culture assumes it differently, there are those who believe in life beyond corporal death , Others believe that they come back to live in different bodies and there are even those who believe that they continue to live in another dimension of time and space; In short, all these and many other beliefs are part of the tradition and the diversity of human beings, which deserves respect and prudence. However, despite the belief that death is UNIVERSAL and we all will one day "live it", the form may be sudden or gradual and whatever it may be, it will always be one of the greatest fears of humanity because it is not within our field of dominion and until now is a complex subject Which encompasses many aspects unknown to the human mind.

But who is really addressed this writing is the relatives of those who are no longer, who have been concerned and somehow, seeking help and information have reached Fundavoz, we have told their story, we have opened Their heart, have shared their experiences, their anguish, their doubts and their joys; We want to tell them that they are not alone, that we understand their pain. For some the time has been appeasing the sadness of the absence of his beloved, for others the wound is still very open; Everything in this life is a constant change, a process of adaptation to the new circumstances, here are some tips and opinions of experts to face the stage of mourning, which good would not have to live it, but already being a reality at least have a few Words of encouragement and some helpful tools may alleviate pain to overcome this stage and move on:

Once faced with the death of a loved one, there is very little we can do, as the first impact Usually causes a shock reaction in the mind and requires a reasonable time to overcome the pain, sadness, anger or other feelings generated by the loss; Also in cases where family members are "prepared" for the death of their loved one, absence generates sadness and in extreme situations can cause depression, anxiety episodes and even feelings of guilt.

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So what to do in this situation so as not to fall into a deep depression that affects our emotional and physical health?

The process of mourning is permanent because the grief lasts forever, what happens is that it changes and changes in intensity. It could be compared to the tides of the ocean: "There are moments of calm, suddenly the tide rises and shakes, sometimes low, sometimes it is a strong wave that shakes and it seems as if it had happened yesterday. .it soon comes the calm again, it is as if it depended on the time of the year in which you live ... "

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Dr. Mari Gloria hamilton, Ph.D.

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