Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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Mister Menu

Mister Menu

This time of the year invites you to share with friends, celebrate next year, eat rich and indulge in luxury. It was with that motivation that we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants in the heart of the city, Jake's.

On entering we find nothing more and nothing less than Jake. Whenever we see him we invite him to sit at the table since, besides being an artist of gastronomy, he has had a life full of adventures and experiences, so he always has fabulous stories to tell. Between stories and laughter we ended up talking about Moët Chandon champagne, a favorite drink for the party, pampering yourself and feeling romantic.

Jake shared the Top 3 moments to enjoy a Moët's bottle at Jake's:

1. Brunch at Jake's: every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm

It is inevitable to have to recover after so many events, family reunions and convivial, but since it is time To pamper you, why not do it in style. Jake recommends to come on Saturdays and Sundays to his famous brunch and order the Benedict Eggs with smoked salmon, accompanied by a bottle of Möet. In fact, this effective method of recovery is Jake's favorite way of accompanying his champagne.

The Benedictine Eggs are accompanied by delicious potato croquettes, Scottish smoked salmon black tag (the highest category of Among his stories, he told us about a customer who used to come every Saturday to brunch and asked for a pichel of mimosas with Möet, just for him. Champagne is definitely one of the favorite drinks to recover from the party with style, the only danger is to end up in a put-down but, as the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald said "a lot of anything is bad, but a lot of champagne is what fair".

Miel     by Fiona Breslin on Febrero 7 2016
Miel by Fiona Breslin on Febrero 7 2016

Champagne bubbles have long been associated with seduction. An example of this is the popular rumor that the dish of champagne in the form of a saucer was shaped like the breast of the famous French queen Marie Antoniette. Although we know that these rumors are not true, what we can not deny is that the art of seduction and champagne go hand in hand and the best place to open a bottle of Moët next to that special person, is the table opposite the Jake's cava where dozens of Guatemalans have committed and celebrated their love.

The champagne is an excellent drink to accompany with desserts. Jake recommended his Panna Cotta vanilla, with Belgian chocolate sauce and strawberries. Great pairing with a glass of Moët, for the freshness of strawberries and intense chocolate. Although this dish is not on the menu, it is one of Jake's specials. In fact there are several special dishes that are not on the menu, so next time, do not forget to ask about the specials, among our favorites, the artichokes au gratin.

3. The Jake's Lounge: especially Thursdays of Cuban music

Champagne is associated with celebratory rituals. Remember that when a boat or airplane is inaugurated for the first time, a bottle of champagne is burst as initiatory rite. We are all familiar with the "champagne baths" for Formula 1 winners and anniversaries, a tradition that comes from the spirit of the Belle Époque.

Although the Jake's lounge is not The best place for the famous "champagne showers" if this is an excellent place to celebrate discreetly. As they say here, what happens in the lounge, stays in the lounge.

If you want a more lively celebration, we recommend Thursday live Cuban music.

If you want to experience Moët's TOP 3 moments at Jake's, take advantage of the special offer:

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