Published: Sun, November 12, 2017
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Paris to Nancy by train

Paris to Nancy by train

Wot # 1 said. It's 2hr 25min by TGV ex Gare de L'est or 4.5 hours via non TGV, changing at Bar-Le-Duc (no change required with the TGV and options are a lot more frequent if you use the TGV). >

Use (yes, it's a german website), use the translation option at the top of the screen and check train times there - it's europe wide. Much easier than which is really wank.

To get a ticket, click on "acheter un billet" at the bottom right of the screen which takes you to www.voyages-sncf. With which is better than the corporate sncf website. In the depart option put Paris CDG, in the arrivee put Nancy, and enter in the date as dd / mm / yyyy. If you want to return, enter in a date in the retour le field (and at time to Depart again), and click on recherer.

It will then tell you "Nous avons plusieurs propositions pour la ville de départ et or d'arrivée que vous avez saisie. Lien Aide. Merci. " AEROPORTS CDG (95) and NANCY VILLE (54).

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If it's a single, choose Aller Simple, for a return nominate to return date and time and choose Aller Retour and leave all trains to find all options.

At the bottom, select a country to have the tickets delivered and select recherer again. .

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