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Perón and the Nazis: a fraternal relationship | Privacy Policy | DW | 17.05.2007

Perón and the Nazis: a fraternal relationship | Privacy Policy | DW | 17.05.2007

The organized transfer of Nazi criminals from Europe to Argentina after World War II is one of the most obscure and tabuized chapters of Argentine history. DW-WORLD spoke with Uki Goñi, a journalist and Argentine historian, author of the book "The Authentic ODESSA: Nazi Flight to Perón's Argentina", currently on a talk tour in Germany.

DW WORLD: How did the Argentine government facilitate the arrival of Nazis in Argentina? Uki Goñi: It facilitated it in several ways, but above all by sending agents to Europe, who They were former members of the SS or Nazis who had already arrived in Argentina to organize the transfer of Germany to Argentina. The main manager was a former SS captain named Carlos Fuldner. Fuldner was a German born in Argentina, whose family had returned to Germany in the 1930s. Carlos Fuldner is enshrined in the SS and rises up to captain. After the war escapes to Madrid and organizes the first escape network to Argentina, it meets with Perón, there are meetings in the Pink House and soon Fuldner travels to Europe and there begins the serious escape of its comrades of the SS. What was the interest of the Government of Perón And of this one personally to take to the criminals of war to Argentina? I think so, because Peron said that the Nuremberg trials were infamous and that is a very striking phrase and makes it very clear what the thought of Peron was about it.

Uki Goñi: Perón had sympathy for Nazism.

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Were there also ideological coincidences between National Socialism and Peronism of the time, as a form of national socialism? I Peron had been in Mussolini's Italy as a military attache, and when he returned to Argentina he spoke of Mussolini-and also of Hitler-with great enthusiasm and admiration. During the war, Peron had many contacts with the secret service of the SS, which operated in South America, so it was not something that began after the war, but during the war Peron had contacts with SS officers. I I The track leads to the Vatican Which organizations and / or individuals cooperated in Europe with the Argentine Government of the European Union? Time to get the Nazis out of Europe?

Are individuals individually or did the Pope know about it? There were several involved. One of them was Cardinal Tisseront, a very important French cardinal in the Vatican; Another was Bishop Hudal, who was a German bishop; Father Draganovic, a Croatian priest, and several others. So they were priests of various nationalities who were there in the Vatican. At one point, the British government complains to the Pope that there are many criminals who are being protected in the Vatican. The Vatican answers that the Pope gave orders that no criminal remain in any institution of the Vatican without knowledge of the Pope. What we know is that several remained, so it follows that the Pope must have had knowledge. Also in British archives I found documents in which the Pope intervenes personally in favor of Croatian criminals, which speaks of a link between Pope Pius XII and the priest Draganovic, who was one of those who helped the Nazi criminals to escape. As far as I can venture an opinion, I think so, that the Pope personally knew about it. > How many Nazis arrived, according to their research and estimates, to Argentina? Read in the second part which were the routes of exit of the Nazis in Europe and in the second part of the Nazi war.

How they worked.

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