Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
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Robles Álamos

Robles Álamos

Hello everyone, my name is Gleditsia triacanthos L., people commonly call me acacia of three thorns, and I am from a very humble and very extensive family of legumes. ancestors are Americans, but I was planted here, right next to the park path, a park of a provincial capital, Cordoba, 327,362 inhabitants in the year 2015 (Source: INE).

As you see, here I am, me and more friends, right to the margins of the road. Here every day children spend with their parents, athletes who run or walk, people who cross the park because it catches them by the way. Also elderly people, but, it is a park, many children.

Sometimes I stop to think, Who do you want me to charge? Do you want me to keep an eye on someone? Let them tear the skin? Imagine two children, running because they play the 'pilla pilla', imagine that they do not see one of my thorns. Just imagine for a moment.

But we should not only mention my thorns, now I will show you my pods. As you well know, our family, the family Fabaceae [Leguminosae], is the one from which you get the vegetables, and these are enclosed in a pod (eg, beans), the body of the fruit. For, being one of the largest families, I imagine the diversity of sizes in pods, from mine, to those of a Coronilla glauca, for example, and even smaller.

Well, here you have mine, so they are.

I wonder, if a pod falls on a child in the head? Well, there are other buddies like the Pinus spp., Yes, and their pine cones fall the same, so this character will not use it so against. I am especially concerned about my thorns.

Robles Álamos
Robles Álamos

What do I do here ?, I am an alien species. A species with large spines, with large pods that can pose a great danger for children and adults. This is a park, what do I do right next to a path?

I want to leave all these questions in the air, answer yourselves and you will draw many conclusions.

So important is that there are green areas in the city as a good study of the species that form them, Thinking of all sectors of the population.

Species card (MAGRAMA), of the Atlas of Alien Invasive Plants in Spain (there it goes, this invasive was the Cherry that had saved for the cake): Ficha G. triacanthos

Att. José Alberto Robles.

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