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Shrubs synonym by Babylon's thesaurus



> Shrub or shrub is the whole plant of the group of woody dicotyledonous angiosperms, which branch from the ground and have a smaller size (less than 6 m) in relation to the trees. They are plants that do not need large spaces for their good development. Small and low shrubs, usually no taller than 2 meters, such as lavender, myrtle and most of the small varieties of garden roses, are often called "bust".

An area of ​​shrubs grown in a park or garden is called scrub. Cut out as topiary, suitable species and varieties of shrubs develop dense foliage and many leafy branches grow closer together. Many species of shrubs respond well to pruning, being in the case of a pruning to the stump resulting in new long stems called "pipes". Other shrubs, due to their characteristics and structure, respond better to selective pruning.




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Is the nom of a vegetable form. A arbust is an abundant plant that has between 0.5 and 5 meters of sunshine. Spanish-English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 14.4

shrubs > (n.) = shrubbery. Ex: Visitors should bend down to examine the small placards that label the native shrubbery .

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bush nm. Bush, shrub, arbutus

Babylon Portuguese-English

shrubs Ivy bush, scrub

shrub n. Shrub, bush

Latin - English Inflected

arbustus arbustus, arbusta, arbustum
adj. Of the arbutus (evergreen strawberry); Of arbutus wood;
arbustus, arbusta, arbustum
adj. Planted / set with trees; Tree covered; Trained on trees (vines); Tree-;


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