Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
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The Gray Waters -

Why send water from your washer to a sewage treatment plant when you can use it to water plants and trees in your own garden? It does not make sense to send the gray waters to the black water; The gray waters are clean enough to give them other uses. That's why many people use the water from the washing machine and the watering can to keep their gardens green, even during times of drought.

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We have some gray water resources that can be downloaded, including: >

  • A manual titled "Design Manual for Gray Water Management for Outdoor Irrigation"
  • Two presentations H2> The manual

The "Design Manual for Gray Water Management for Outdoor Irrigation" is an educational resource for homeowners and professionals who want to install residential gray water systems for outdoor irrigation. In this guide you will learn the benefits of gray water, when and where to use them, where to not use them, the requirements to obtain the use permits, what products to use and the suggested watering plants.

This guide provides a method for designing and installing a LAW watering system and an overview and basic idea of ​​the design and installation of gravity flow systems and pumping systems. >

* Thanks for the resources generously provided by the Tecovas Foundation.

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