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Things to Do - La Casa Colibri - Atitlan, Guatemala Vacation Rentals

For much of its history, the Central American country of Guatemala was part of the Mayan civilization that controlled this part of the world. Established around 2000 BC and lasting until the conquest by the Spanish in the early 16th century, this highly-developed society is known for its art, architecture, mathematical methods, and astronomical systems.

Today, descendants of the Maya peoples still play a key role in Guatemala, especially in and around the villages of Lake Atitlan. Throughout Guatemala, there are numerous major archeological sites that you can explore to get an understanding of the scale, scope, and impact of the Mayan civilization.

Some of the key Mayan sites found in this historically-rich country.

Things to do: Yaxha
Located in the Peten Basin region, this Mesoamerican archeological site boasts several major Pyramids as well as associated structures such as ball courts and carvings. The Yaxha site (pictured, right) is enormous-the third largest in the country- and was clearly an important location within the Maya empire. Situated high on a hill, this impressive site overlooks Lake Yaxha and includes the ruins of hundreds of structures.

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Things to do: Dos Pilas
Found in north Guatemala, Dos Pilas is believed to have been one of the Maya Empire's ancient capitals. Evidence suggests that Dos Pilas was abandoned by the ruling dynasty in the late 8th century due to local warfare.

Things to do: Ceibal
Located in the heart of the city, Peten area of ​​Guatemala, Ceibal is a Maya city that is believed to have been constructed, then abandoned, and then inhabited again as the fortunes of the Maya dynasties rose and fell. As a medium-sized site, one of the key points of interest in the ruins is the round temple and the surrounding structures and carved stones.

Things to do: Aguateca > This was a major ceremonial site for the Mayan civilization and likely to have been the capital or major center for the empire around the year 700 AD. The elevated position of this city made it strategically important, but it is believed that it was attacked and burned down around the year 800 AD. Things to Do: Guatemala City MuseumFor a more in-depth look at the history of the Mayan civilization, visit The Guatemala.

National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology in Guatemala City. There, a huge collection of exhibits and artifacts showcases the ancient cities, people, and culture of the Maya era.

Guatemala is a fascinating country with a rich and ancient history. When you're visiting Guatemala and looking for things to do, put some of the many impressive archaeological sites across the country on your list. Taking on the ruins of ancient Mayan culture is a great way to appreciate the forces of the past that have shaped the Guatemala that we see today.

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