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To give | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

To give | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

1 (deliver) to give

give me, I will arreglogive it here, I'll fix it for you

who give no escogebeggars can not be choosers

/ P>

2 (enter)

I felt like being sick

Do not you feel like leaving everything and leaving?

A dizzy feeling you feel giddy, sit down; he gave a strong pain in the sideadohe felt a sudden sharp pain in his side; he gave an infartohe had a heart attack

3 (import)

What does it matter? It does not matter !; Never mind!

Why do you ask me if I'm going to go or not? What else gives you?

what else gives one place to another? Surely one place is as good as another !; It does not make any difference which place we choose; the same dait makes no difference o odds

I do not care about myself either

All the same to me; I do not mind

4 (followed by preposition)

give (be oriented) [+ fourth, window] to look out onto; Overlook; To the south / to a garden

my room gives the gardenmy room looks out onto the overlooks the garden

/ P>

to give (to operate) [+ button] to press; To hit; [+ Ball] to kick

hit the pedal! Give the button

hit the red key or press the red key; Work the pump; give harder bombapump harder

give him the ball!

hit him! The ball

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give the ball stronger

give (find) [+ person] to find; [+ Idea, solution] to hit on; Come up with

we gave him two hours later he found him two hours later; I did not come up with the solution; I do not give the name I can not think of the name

give with it then end up in

Jail ended up in jail

give something on the [soil]

The nose of the car struck the wall of the spear against the helmet of its rival

The ship hit the bridgethe ship hit the bridge

To give of

to give of head to the ground

to give of sticks to algnto give sb to beating; to give of punches to algnto punch sb; to give of varnish to algoto varnish sth

To give of jabelgue

to give of to drink to algnto give sb something to drink

We have enough: a bottle of rum / a whole chicken gives a lot of itself


what you can give from each person can contribute

give in [+ blanco, suelo] to hit; Come up with

give in do something

Take to doing sth

they have called you Bokothey've taken to calling him Boko

give sb to do something

has given him not to come to class have taken Cutting classes, gave them to come to vernosthey took it into their heads to come and see us, lately it has given to him by the golfhe's taken up golf lately, the boy gave to him to fall asleep in the clasethe boy was always falling asleep in class

to give (enough) to be enough for

with that gives for four personasthis is enough for four people; my poor head does not give for more today I do not think my poor head can take any more today

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