Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
World | By Tasha Manning

Who is Helena?

Who is Helena?

Strong plate on this Friday! Who has not heard of The Hunger Games? My father and little else. World phenomenon, Suzanne Collins, sold books like donuts for years. A Crépusculo without so much cursilería, with an argument and a protagonist thousand times better.

However, I was not able to read the saga. I have not gotten over Stephenie Meyers' penny yet; I keep having arcades whenever I see teen books. Without exception. Good thing he read Harry Potter.

Well, to the point. Last year, when my friends started talking about books, I did not think much of it. I simply ignored it. Until I happened to see the trailer of the movie and it hooked me to minute one. Not only because Jennifer Lawrence, one of my favorite actresses, is sublime but because the story itself is something new, something original. A Big Brother taken to the extreme. Wildly. And the truth is that the movie loved it. Spectacular. And Katniss Everdeen, that tomboy girl, with an introverted personality who hides a big heart and a sarcastic tongue sprinkled with bad milk, enamored the viewer. The only thing I do not forgive is that he pairs with a bum like Peeta, when he has Gale's neighbor (Liam Hemsworth), where they all drool as soon as he appears on the screen.

Of course, I could not miss the premiere of the second part of the saga. Of course, I recommend that if you have not read the books, go with someone who has. Just in case.

Argument: (The argument, like every good student of our day, is often short-sided from Wikipedia, school bible, however, and as you will see, I add my own comments and Opinions in bold).

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However, things are not there, as the Capitol announces that the Games of that year will be special, because they celebrate the Vassalage of the 25, in which the tributes that will play in the arena will be old winners. What comes to pearls because they want to get rid of the girl as soon as possible. Katniss should return to the Games, because she is the only winner of District 12 and although the man chosen is Haymitch, Peeta volunteers .

Again, the couple finds themselves in the middle of danger, on an island where nothing is as it seems, where anything can happen, and this time their adversaries are not simple beginners. Will they survive? Will they escape together again?

-From the last few games something has changed, I can see it.

- One last tip? - I can not continue to act in front of the cameras and then to see how we ignore ourselves in life.


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