Published: Sun, November 05, 2017
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Transcript of Zones, sectors, slopes

Zone 0.0 Zone 0 Zone I Zone II Zone III Zone IV Zone V ZONES: Relative location Planning and locating elements And spaces according to their use and frequency of visit Zone 0.0: Self; Know yourself and take care Zone 0: Home, office; Planned and established to conserve energy and meet needs Area I: Around the house; Greenhouse, workshop, ornamental culinary plants Zone II: Intensive orchards, small animals, fruit trees Zone IV: Silviculture, pastures Zone V: Wild Analyze elements and external energies flowing towards Us and handle them in our favor. ELEMENTS.Water.Fire.Vento.Polutions.Sol.Frio / Calor.Personas.Bloqueo vista.Ruido.Inundaciones.Accesos ... PENDIENTES: Perfil It shows the elevations and movements of the energies that are Form and design how to use them UBICAR.Represas and flows of water.Escorrentias.Vientos.Sombras.Fuego.Accesos.Microclimas.Casa

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Food and drink The museum has two restaurants, a café, a picnic area and an ice cream parlor where you can satisfy your appetite. If you travel on a motorhome, bus or trailer, there are restrictions on the type of vehicles traveling on Gates Pass Road.

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