Published: Ср, Декабря 06, 2017
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Supermoon in pictures: See incredible shots of 2017 lunar spectacle

Supermoon in pictures: See incredible shots of 2017 lunar spectacle

It's on Sunday night, and unfortunately for any aspiring skywatchers who have to work the next day, the moon will be at its biggest and brightest at between 3:45am and 4:00am EST on Monday, November 4th. A supermoon is a full moon which appears at perigree the closest point from Earth; hence it looks bigger and brighter.

There are two supermoons happening in the month of January.

Sunday night at its perigee, the moon will be nearly 50,000 kilometers closer than at its apogee, or farthest point. It indicated a new moon or full moon that came within 362,146 kilometers of the planet, as measured from the centers of the moon and Earth.

An interesting pattern appears when you map out the motion of the moon relative to the Earth (apogee/perigee) and relative to the Sun (lunation or phases like full, new, etc.).

Sunday's moon is the first of three consecutive supermoons.

Here are photos of the December 3 supermoon rising around the world. Perigee syzygy has occurred three previous times in 2017.

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The supermoon that was seen over the weekend is the last of its kind this year.

Last year, the supermoon was spotted over other famous Buffalo landmarks including Shark Girl, the Richardson Olmsted Complex and Buffalo City Hall.

The full moon in December is actually referred to as the Full Cold Moon, a name that had its origin in the cold December weather of the Northern Hemisphere when the winter cold grips the land and the nights become dark and long.

In essence, these lunar occurrences are just full moons, but what really sets them apart is the sheer size that they appear to be for us spectators on earth.

The final supermoon of 2018 will occur just a few weeks later, on January 31, with extra superlatives.

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